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Im so grateful to have discovered 3D art as a career path! Prior to that, I completed a vocational baccalaureate as a design assistant, but I felt unfulfilled. When I stumbled upon PIXL VISN, I felt an instant spark of excitement and enthusiasm for 3D modeling. Despite the challenges, I never lost my passion for bringing characters to life. Looking ahead, I'm optimistic about the future and determined to become one of the top character artists in the industry.

aspiring 3D environment artist

Hey there, I have always been strongly attracted to scifi and fantasy, which influenced my design projects in university (industrial design). For my master thesis I worked on a future living concept and then decided to not stick to real life design only but train my skills in visualisation. So I visited the Pixl Visn Arts Academy in Cologne for 15 months and here I am!

I grew up with two artists as parents, so I was always interested in art. and I always was good with computers so I thought I give it a try and started to love it.

When did I realize I wanted to work in the creative industry? Actually, right after school. Oh. Did you expect a touching story about 'how I always dreamed of becoming an artist'? Nah fam, it's literally just 'Hey, school's over. Now, what should I do for a living? Let's work in videogames!' And that's it. Any regrets? Not at all.

My whole life I was fascinated about visual stunning films but never thought that it would be possible for me to start a career in this industry. 2 years ago when I first realised that there are Visual-Effects-Schools out there I instantly knew that I want to be a part of something bigger than me and to work in a team to create those moving pictures I was captivated by.

Since I am young I was fascinated by movies and the creative part of creation. Starting with drawing and sculpting with clay I paved the way to become a professional Character and Texture Artist.

I always loved watching behind-the-scenes footage of movies and games, but the one that got me hooked was "Grounded: The Making of The Last of Us". Seeing how those breathtaking environments were created was and still is really inspiring. After high school, I attended Pixl Visn Media Arts Academy where I studied Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Animation, Compositing, and Storyboarding. After that, I decided to specialize in Environment Art.

I always had a great passion for both creative and computer-related tasks and dreamed of working in a field combining those two areas since I was a child. What started as a profound interest in web-design and editing at the age of 10 only paved the way to my goal of becoming a professional Character Artist.

I was always fascinated with virtual worlds and how to create them. After watching countless breakdowns and behind the scenes of movies and tv shows i got even more excited about working in the 3D industry. So after a bachelor's degree in virtual- & augmented realities, i decided to pursue this passion and start my journey as a 3D artist!

During my bachelor's degree in game design I had my first expierence with 3DS Max, one led to the other and currently I'm enrolled at PIXL VISN | Media Arts Academy in Cologne, specialising in modeling and texturing.

Do you know little big planet? As a child, i spend days and nights creating my own worlds and characters!

When I first saw forest gump and all the awesome effects in it, I knew this whas the right thing for me. It became even more certain to me with every other movie I saw from then on.

When i was 14 I started to play around with 3d and from that point on I knew this is gonna happen.

Many years ago when I started to study architecture at the university I was very interested in learning 3D modeling. Since then it became a hobby to do not only 3d models but also small animations. One day I decided to take a risk and completely change direction in my career. I decided to give my talent a chance and enrolled in a vfx and animation school, PixlVisn. Since then it has been an awesome challenge every day and the dream of belonging to the industry is getting closer and closer.

I started to train my creativity when I was 12 years old with Photoshop and soon began to create a big interest in the movie branch. I was 15 years old when I got accepted at the PixlVisn Arts Academy and knew since then what my big dream was: Creating awesome movies with a great team that are as passionate as me.

When I was about 16 years old I started working with 3D in Blender on my own. I always loved computer games and since I started playing as a child, I wanted to create my own worlds to explore. So when I created my first characters and buildings I realized that this dream wasn't as far away as I thought...

Growing up with a big fascination for 2D Animation and later then watching Disney‘s Tangled in 3D at the cinema was the most incredible experience! Through the Rookie rankings, I was able to find the best suitable school for me to learn the magic of 3D Animation. Bringing all kinds of characters alive and let them affect & inspire people in a positive way, that’s the goal!

Pixar's Ratatouille and Wall-E had me fascinated the moment I watched them. The intricate level of both storytelling and detail within the visual effects left me wondering how it's done. Without too much knowledge about the entertainment industry, I entered and graduated from the generalist program at PIXLVISN Media Arts Academy in Cologne and quickly found myself drawn to FX. Especially dynamics and simulation peaked my interests.

For as long as I can remember I have been in love with animated movies, where visions come to live. Pixl Visn - a 3D artist school in Cologne, Germany - gave me the knowledge to bring my ideas, visions and fantasies to the screen. They thought me how to create my visions in a digital environment. I like what I do and am always open to experience knowledge and expertise every single day.

I always enjoyed watching movies with all kinds of visual effects that made unimaginable things seem real. The moment I saw my first VFX breakdown, I realized that this industry is something real and approachable - so I decided to became a part of it.

I've been drawing since I can remember and after finding 3D Art as a new medium there was only one way to go forward for me. Graduating from Pixl Visn Academy strengthened me in my endeavor.

My Story Begins a Long Time ago since I was a little kid with 14 years, i was fascinated about the power of CGI and compositing, so I started to learn After effects by myself. I started to edit some Recorded fifa clips back then. I can remember the first time I opened a 3D program it was very funny thousand of buttons and possibilities to create something but no idea what i had to click. all. At this moment I knew I have to work in the CGI industry.