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Barbarian Battle Axe

Barbarian Battle Axe

Sven Ulrich
by sventwulrich on 20 May 2020

This is one of my demo reel projects, a game-engine ready battle axe.

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Please feel free to expand the images, since they are all rendered in high resolution.

3D Viewer, Wireframe, and UVs

General information:

- The mesh was triangulated prior to baking in marmoset to avoid unpredictable triangulation by game engines.
- Some UVs were mirrored, scaled up or down depending on visibility on screen, to give more important parts of the axe more resolution, i.e. the axe head.
- A single 4096x4096 texture was used for this axe.
- Occlusion, roughness and metallic maps were all packed into one texture to save on memory.
- 14650 tris, or 9294 tris without the chain.
- Mat cap and UV checker can be seen in the sketchfab viewer.
- Concept done by myself.
- The tree stump is from quixel megascans

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