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David Pferrer
by davidpferrer on 7 Apr 2019

I created this project to show high level texturing, shading and lighting.

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This is the latest one of my three demo projects, and defenetely the most fun one.

I was responsible for modeling, texturing, shading, lighting and compositing. Rigging was done by Rebecca Brochhagen and the one in charge of animation was Laura Sibbing. It was a real pleasure and great fun to work with them on this project. I think they both did a great job.

Texturing was done mainly in Mari with a little bit of Substance Designer as well as Photoshop involved. Compositing was done in Nuke. For the depth of field effect I used a combination of the standard zDefocus node in Nuke and a very awesome gizmo called W_CatsEye created by Wes Heo.

Color correction before and after.

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