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An Orc Shaman's Visage

An Orc Shaman's Visage

by JudithTym on 16 Jan 2024

An Orc sculpture inspired by the work from the great concept artist Bartlomiej Gawel.

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During this production training, my focus was on sculpting a character, and I stumbled upon an inspiring concept by the artist Bartlomiej Gawel, featuring an orc. I found the mix of human anatomy with more animalic features intriguing, and the color scheme added an extra layer of excitement. Working from a painted concept allowed for creative freedom, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

My approach involved utilizing the main reference, leveraging perspective to ensure accurate proportions. Human and animal references played a crucial role in my process. For instance, the neck design was derived from human references, while I closely matched the ears to cat ears, drawing inspiration from their form. The tusks were crafted based on observations from ram and goat pictures.

One of the challenges I faced was the limited time frame. Although I initially sculpted the entire head and feathers, I made the decision to narrow my focus to the head alone. Given my emphasis on modeling rather than texturing, I chose to allocate all available time to refining the sculpt and postponed texturing for the time being.

I appreciate the learning experience these challenges provided, and I look forward to keep working on this project and refining my skills in future projects as well.

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