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The Rookies?

The Rookies is a platform to help digital artists get discovered without having to compete with professionals for attention. You’ll get to the frontpage of those sites one day, but for now we’ve got your back and want to help turn your passion for creative media into a successful career.

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A community for digital artists aspiring to work in film, games, animation, immersive media, archviz, motion graphics, product design and more.

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For Artists & Enthusiasts

Not everyone knows if they want to take their hobby to the next level and pursue a career. That's cool, we get it. Either way, The Rookies is a great place to share the amazing projects you are working on at home and hang out with other artists on the same journey.

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For Students

You've taken a big step and decided to really see how far you can push your skills. It won't be long until you start thinking about your portfolio and where you want to apply for jobs. Share your work here, check out your competition and setup your free portfolio to impress recruiters.

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For Educational Facilities

We love all the schools out there helping to transform lives. It's why we started all this in the first place. Encourage your students to share their work and prove to the world how good your school is. Talk to us and find out how to get your school reviewed for our annual School of the Year rankings.

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For Studios & Recruiters

We understand you are always on the look out for new talent. It never stops. You don't even need to register to find talent here either. Just start searching and contact users directly. We also have marketing opportunities for those of you who want to get involved a little more.

The Journey

From the moment you realised you had a passion for creative media, up until the moment you secure your first big job, we’ve got your back. Join our community of creators on the same journey and push yourself to achieve your goals.

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    This is the beginning of your journey. You are eager to learn everything you can. You are starting to dabble with software and tools. You don't have much work to share just yet, but it's coming soon.

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    This is the learning stage of your journey. You are developing new skills and building your confidence. You are spending your time training online or at an educational facility.

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    You have a portfolio that is ready to share with recruiters. You are creating industry level personal projects, developing your soft-skills, starting to network and applying for jobs. Your goal is to land that first big job offer.

    Start first year of employment

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    You have reached the ultimate level. Just like in professional sports, you are officially a Rookie for your first year of employment. You still have plenty to learn, but you can see an exciting career ahead of you.

    Complete first year of employment

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    You level-up to pro once you have completed 1 year of work in your chosen field. You have grown your network and feel more confident in your skills. You still have a long and exciting journey ahead of you, but it's time to celebrate.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Our Team

The Rookies was founded by Andrew McDonald and Alwyn Hunt. They both worked in the Visual Effects Industry for over 18 years, each working at some of the world’s top studios. Since 2009, the team has grown to include an Advisory Board which helps the company head in the right direction and evolve as quickly as possible.

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The Rookies Team

You are in great hands

Our Sponsors

We are proud to have the support of many industry leading brands that you've come to love - or will soon know all about. We are proud and humbled to have them join us and support the next generation of creators.

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The Rookies


People are talking about us…

… and they’re saying a lot of great things about us! It's super humbling for us to here these opinions, but our team truly enjoys helping everyone as we have all been on this same journey before.

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Morten Jaeger

I personally think The Rookies is better than Artstation, because it exposes you to the level of artists that you're competing against.

Pavani Boddapati
Weta Digital

Weta Digital is proud to partner with The Rookies, who are doing a fantastic job of supporting and promoting new talent.

Alexis Khouri

The Rookies the place for up-and-coming artists to show off their skills. I would encourage all amateur artists to join.

Lisa Schachner

The Rookies is an amazing opportunity to be seen by people in the industry and to get feedback.

Ben Macauley

The Rookies journey has been amazing so far. I can't wait to see where I can go from here.

Jake Burstein

I can't thank The Rookies enough for creating a platform for amateur artists all over the world to showcase their work.

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The Rookies is a much needed support network for artists during their journey from novice through to the early stages of their professional career. This is their journey, and it is our responsibility to connect them with trusted companies, studios and schools that will help them become the artist we know they can be.

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Help spread the good word

Media Kit

Jump in here to download all our latest images, videos and press releases to help your story. You can also download our official logos and company branding styles. Need something more? Just contact us directly and our team will help.

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