Desert Cipher Disk

Desert Cipher Disk

Malte Schabram
by malteschabram and tomroemer on 22 Dec 2020

Collaborative project with Tom Römer who modeled and textured the Cipher Disk. I was responsible for the sand simulation, which is done in Houdini and finally rendered in Arnold, Maya. Additional touch-ups were done with Nuke and After Effects.

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After generating a bunch of particles for my simulation, I optimize the amount to the final render camera's frustum. I also add customizable noise for my simulation. 

After the caching is complete, I add a point replicate to "beef up" my total point count for more detail: Jumping from 300.000 to 1.5 million particles which don't need additional simulating. 

To further optimize the rendering process, I created a quick way to add or remove padding. 

Exporting from Houdini resulted in the issue that Maya had trouble calculating motion blur since apparently the motion vector data got lost. We couldn't find a way to tell Arnold to use "per point velocity" values so we used After Effects' motion blur capabilities instead.

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