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Prowler of the Emberlands

Prowler of the Emberlands

Alexandra Brak
by AlexandraBrak and benzdomi on 6 Jan 2023

This is a detailed breakdowns for my first demoreel sculpt I created during my time at PIXL VISN. Hope you like it!

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Prowler of the Emberlands

He was my first attempt at male anatomy. I started to create him for my modeling class at a course in PixlVisn. I had so much fun to model him that I continued it and gave him Textures und hair. In this process Dominik Benz wrote to me and wanted to work together on my wolf. Dominik was responsible for the environment, lighting, rendering, compositing, lockdev. In this collaboration we added Niyazi Ertut as rigger and animator. We created a strong project together. I leard by myself many new Programms like Marevlouse Designer and Xgen in Maya. It was a big challenge but I had so much fun!


I came up with the concept by it myself and made a drawing for it. I love fantasy, so I tried to go in that direction. In the reference board you can see what I have oriented myself and what inspired me to create him.


In the beginning I had a little trouble with the exact anatomy, but with the help of James Schauf our modeling instructor I was able to learn much. This character was quite overwhelming at the beginning, but I saw it as a great challenge. He was something that shows you that I have a good understanding of anatomy, whether it's muscles or the skellet. First I started modeling the body parts. The problematic part was modeling the hands and feet with only four fingers, but I can say with certainty that I have done well and that it is hardly noticeable that there are only four fingers. In the middle of that, I had the struggle of which direction I wanted to go more with the style. In the beginning I wanted to make him more stylised, so make the curves of him more angular, but after a while that didn't feel right anymore because I wanted to make the texture of the skin more realistic. In the middle of it I changed my mind, which was a good decision. I even had a lot of fun with Typology, in Maya I created everything myself with the Quad tool. What gave me a lot of headaches was the skeleton. Finding good references was a little more difficult because I needed this from all angles. I created his pants in Marvelouse Designer and also simulated them. His armor I made partly in Maya. In Maya I also worked with Xgen, learning this from the beginning was not easy. Xgen gave us all quite a bit of trouble moving it back and forth. And yet I am quite happy with the final result.

Assets: Mushroom (


When I was finally done with the model, I could finally deal with the textures. This part was really fun. To get a good understanding I tried to find many references of the matching skin and I watched many videos on YouTube (Jhill, Flippnormals) which gave me a better understanding of how to approach all in Substance painter. Which of course in my concept I couldn't see out which colors had what. In the process of modeling, everything was already formed in my head and for me it was clear that someone wandering around in a volcanic landscape had to endure the heat of the sun every day, which is why he has dark skin. He should look a little dirty, but not too much so that he should not lose his elegance.


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