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Rookie Awards 2021 | Rookie of the Year

Concept Art Finalists

Concept Art is created for feature film, computer games, story narrative, theme parks, advertising and fan-art purposes.


France | New3dge

Drawing has always been a necessity for me since the very early stages of my life, and at 5 years old, I already knew that I couldn't live a life without art being part of my job.


Malaysia | The One Academy

I always enjoy watching animation and film. I also read quite a lot when I was young, always fascinated by different ways of storytelling. I first realised I wanted to involve in the creative media and entertainment industry after seeing the concept arts in the early production of film and animation. I was fascinated by all the images that were created to convey ideas and felt that this is what I want to do in the future.


Malaysia | The One Academy

I realized I wanted to work in this industry is when I attended my first Concept design class. Initially, I've had no clue what kind of work concept artist were supposed to do, but after learning more about it made me want to do this for the rest of my life. Solving visual problems gives me a lot of fun and satisfaction.

Alexandre Perrière


France | ECV

I started to draw just after I saw How to train your dragon 2, I wanted to move people with my creations. And here I am, student at ECV Bordeaux practising my skills and pushing them on and on !

Captain Sass Orson



Since I was a kid I always wanted to be an artist and to work in the entertainment industry. I was artistically influenced by all the comic strips I read and all the video games I played and wanted to make some myself!

Raquel Martí Olmos


Spain | Universal Arts School

Drawing and designing has been the one constant for me growing up. Naturally this focused all my studies into the world of art and during that time I have realized how much I liked the idea of being able to take part in the creation of new worlds and characters and there started my journey with Concept Art!

Mathieu Lim


France | ISART Digital

I was always a big fan of the entertainment industry, playing video games and watching cartoon every day since I was a kid. At some point, I started to ask myself if I could also create some, so I started learning drawing alone at first. It's when I learned that I could live from it that I decided to tryhard this path, it was around 2016, and I LOVE this.

Mercè Monistrol Biosca


Spain | Universal Arts School

I love drawing for as long as I can remember and I spend most of my time playing video games. While I was studying Beauty Arts I decided to mix both, and it was the best idea I've ever had! ...oh, and did I said that I'm fantasy passionate?



France | ISART Digital

When I was in the last school year, I didn't know what I wanted to do. After some " job-in-the-future-search" in Google, I discovered the Game Art universe. It mixed my two passions: videogames and drawing. At this moment, my choice of career became clear :D

Nate Thorman


Australia | Flinders University / CDW Studios

The drive to be creative is hard to explain, like an itch in the back of your neck that only goes away when you start doing something artistic but comes right back as soon as you finish. For a long time I thought that working as a Graphic Designer would sate that hunger, but once I landed that first studio job, it only made it more apparent that my aspirations were bigger and that I wouldn't be happy unless I was working to create similar things to that which inspired me as a kid.

Andy K Lee


United States | Brainstorm School

I first realized that I wanted to work in creative media when I was a kid. Movies and games have always been a big part of my life. There isn't a single day that goes by that my brain doesn't think about storytelling and visualizing different worlds and designs. Growing up, Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson were my filmmaking heroes. The movies they directed and produced were rich in emotion, excitement, and creativity. That encouraged me to try and capture that feeling in my own work.

Jules Darriulat


United Kingdom | Bournemouth University

When I was 10 playing with Warhammer figurines, reading the rule book with amazing illustrations and concepts in it.


France | new3dge

I realised I wanted to work in the creative media the first time i heard about the job of concept artist, i was fifteen. Since there this is my goal. So i tookk figures drawing class during the end of my high school. Then i joined RUBIKA Supinfogame school. I left after one year to intergrate New3Dge. I did the Prepa and the first year and now i'm in the New3Dge Concept Art Class which open last year.

Samuel Amar


France | New3dge

Happened when I was at the end of my highschool days. When I had to make a choice concerning the futur, the only thing I liked at that time was video games and scribbling manga faces in the margins of my school sheets. Now that's what I'm leaving for and hopefully with !

Lola Yiting Zhang


United States | Art Center College of Design



Slovakia | Syn Studio

I have been drawing constantly ever since I could hold a pencil, but I realized I had passion for entertainment industry art when I in my early teenage years after I got my first Wacom intuos. Art has always been a central part of my identity. After graduating from high school I have been enrolled at art universities for the past 9 years, an eternal student or so to speak. I have just recently I graduated from a Concept Art diploma program at Syn Studio in Montreal which I enjoyed a lot.

Jeanne Plounevez



I've been drawing since I was a child. While watching animated movies and playing games, I realized it would be my dream job to create some characters, environments, universe... So here I am, trying to find my place in the industry!

Félix Donadio



It's been a while since I want to draw as a living. Growing up, I really started to have an interest in digital art and 3D.



Canada | Syn studio

Since I was young , I play many video games and read many manga, I want to make something like this when I grew up

Felysia Chew


Malaysia | The One Academy

I've always been interested in the arts and knew from a young age that I wanted to pursue an artistic career. I'd turn to art as a safety net when things got tough. It was a space where I could express myself when I didn't know how else. However, it wasn't until I enrolled in an art college that I started to learn about professions like concept art and visual development. I've been intrigued ever since. I'd love to help bring imaginations to life and tell a story through art.


France | New3dge

I've always played video games but when I was in high school the visuals of some of them really made an impression on me and made me want to create something of my own, I started drawing the following year in higher education.

Jordan Soar


Australia | Flinders University / CDW Studios

I have always had a deep love for the entertainment industry, primarily in film and video games. From a very young age, it has been a dream of mine to work in said industry, and this goal is currently at the forefront of my life.

Victor Anceaume


France | NEW3DGE

When I was little I always imagined myself telling myself stories, and gradually I discovered the profession of graphic designer and interior architect which made me realize that there are several area where I could tell real stories through my images .



France | NEW3DGE

when I realized that this is the only thing that sparks me fire.

Fong Zi Ying


Malaysia | The One Academy Penang

I watched a lot of animation movies since young and I've always wanted to be able to draw professionally and to work as an artist. After highschool, I applied the Illustration, Movie and Gameart course in college. And so, I polished my skills in this school for 3 years. Graduation doesn't mean the end of the art to me, it means a whole new chapter of my life and I'm starting my journey in the industry to work as an artist!

Oscar Bagalini


France | New3dge

After high school I did a design school. From the beginning I realized that product design was not going to allow me to draw as much as I wanted. So I started to study my possibilities in illustration. Today I'm in New3dge, in a Concept Art class.

YeeJ Chan



I have been very interested in drawing since I was a child. I really wanted to be a artist and went to relevant universities to study knowledge and improve my skill.

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