Jeanne Plounevez - Concept Art - 2021

Jeanne Plounevez - Concept Art - 2021

Jeanne Plounevez
by jeanne on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Here is my entry!

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Hey everyone! I'm super excited to participate in the contest this year. This is the third and maybe the last time that I participate in this event because I'll be graduating from school this summerIt's time for me to jump into the industry and move on! I've met a lot of awesome artists out here because of the Rookies, it was so motivating to see the work of other students from all around the world! Even if sometimes that was stressful, being side by side with all those skilled people. Just feel free to contact me if you want to meet, talk about art, get to know me. I'll be very happy to talk with other concept artists! 

To the judges, I'll say thank you for your time and consideration, I feel very lucky when such skilled people are looking at my art! Anyway, I sincerely hope you will like what you'll see here.

I'll share some of the works I did this year but also in the past few years. You'll see some concepts I did for my graduation project Lysfangha, but also some from more personal projects. Enough talk, let's get into it!


Game development - Graduation project

I worked on a game with 14 other students this year. I learned a lot working with other artists, programmers, game designers, musicians... It was an awesome experience. Here I'll share with you some stuff I've worked on personally. I'll try to explain as much as I can what I exactly did on this project, I worked very closely with Félix Donadio.

Let's start with the key art of the game!

First, I did some researches, trying to find a good composition, something appealing. Then, I did the sketching and drawing part so Félix can push the render as far as he can. I also worked a lot on the effects, especially the light orbs and the blue fire everywhere on the enemies. The most challenging thing in this image was to explain the main feature of the game: the main character, Imë, can duplicate herself to defeat the enemy. The player has to cooperate with his past selves! It means a lot of magical effects everywhere...

Below, you can watch the introduction of our game that I entirely did alone! Except for the music, our musician did it for sure!

Then, here are the main characters of the game. I drew the poses, I mainly made the sketches and the first pass so Félix can do what he's the best at, the rendering and painting! I was also in charge of the expressions on the right that we can see during the dialogues in the game. 

I did some explorations on the environment with Félix, I mainly worked on the line and sketching phase with him but also on the mood and the colors. He did the final render of the image.

Also, I did this drawing of our team just for fun! That was a small gift for them and they were pretty happy that I've drawn them!

Artstation Challenge

Lightbox Expo: Box of Mystery

I try to participate in as many contests as possible! Here is my contribution to this contest.

The story I wrote/created to bring those characters to life :

In a world where magic is becoming sparse, only the bravest, worthy and noble can access the fading knowledge. To do so, one must access the Cube, the only source of powers that are granted to those who open it. In order to prove worthy, a tournament is held once a year in which any person can choose to overcome a series of dangerous trials. A fierce competition in which only the most valiant, courageous and intelligent can hope to survive and open the Cube. Six challengers arise, but who will win?

Medieval/Vikings universe

Some concepts I did to learn and practice photobashing!

I did some Viking designs, trying to merge some photos and painting technics. I learned a lot while doing that.

I also started an ongoing personal project about dragons and dragon riders. I wanted to improve my rendering and composition skills. I'll share the complete and finished project later this year on socials.

Gnar - Fan Art 

Fan Skin - Shadow Isles

For Halloween, I wanted to make a fan project related to the League of Legends universe. The idea was to work in their art style and try to bring something new to my portfolio. I worked on the Concept Art part while my mate Félix Donadio did the Splash Art. My goal was to focus on the drawing itself and not to worry that much about the rendering, that's why I've left the illustration to Félix! I invite you to take a look at his entry to the contest and his work to see what he did.

Fantasy Mount

Some concepts I made, researches, explorations... The idea was to create magical creatures.


Here you'll find different illustrations and sketches about animals and creatures. They're my favorite things to draw!

Fantasy characters

Spirited Away Fanart.

Some mecha designs

Environment sketches

Some environment explorations and sketches I did.

Thanks for scrolling until the end! Good luck to you all with your entries! :D

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