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Under The Clouds

Under The Clouds

Samuel Amar
by samuelamar on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Here's pretty much all the projects I have done this past two years during my scolarship at New3dge in the concept art class.

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                   Under The Clouds

Under The Clouds is a personnal IP about freedom, adventures and exploration in the idea of creating an animated movie.  My main task was to design two "antagonistic" characters at different stages of their lives, and their feathered companion, in a world enterely covered by a sea of clouds.

Without further ado let's start with our main characters ; Tseten & Jinpa

After writing a brief storyline for my characters, I decided to design their children's and adult versions first, in order to get a slider, making it easier to create their teenage phase.

It also allowed me to define some iconic visual elements that will be repeated during their growth

I wanted these three to be completely different, both in silhouette and character in the idea of making up for the shortcomings of their companion. They represent a trinity which could be simplified by : Speed, Endurance and Intelligence.

I also wanted their saddle to be able to adjust to the different positions a bird can take, without it bothering the pilot too much.

Seeing how the characters, think, act and react to each other in a given situation may be the part where I take the most pleasure lately. Like little windows overlooking their world, I felt like adding some quick context and dialogues was necessary in order to bring them to life.

This additional research, as well as the sketches that follows, allowed me to better define the world of Under The Cloud that I would like to continue developing later.

                           THE END ?



Project done for the Game Art section at New3dge with the goal of creating a video game showcase.

The brief was about creating characters for a stylized fantasy project about an alchemist trying to find a potion that his familiar snitch out of his laboratory. 

 Game Art team Tahira CURRENO, Anthony FILTEAU, Philippe GLOTIN, Esther LANGARD, Alexia MOLEON, Carol RICHARD


Concepts done for the VFX Team at New3dge with the aim of producing a short animation movie. 

The story is about Noam, a young man who can manipulate lapis lazuli, but lacks the experience to control it. Putting his loved ones in danger.

VFX team Amandine BERTRAND, Fanch BROUSTE, Jules CHANTOME, Valentin JOSSE, Yasmine LEMINEUR and Baptiste LUCAS.

                      Other personal & New3dge works

              Thank you for lurking !

(Lots of "thanks" incoming)

Thanks to all the amazing teachers I had at New3dge, especially Lucile MEUNIER, Jens CLAESSENS and Nils CARSTENS that were a bless for my final project. (Also Wokkie)

Thanks to Fabien ROUMAZEILLES and Aurélien FOURNIER who created an amazing class at New3dge

And thanks to all my classmates who have made these last 2 years an unforgettable experience. Love you guys.

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