Edwin Vorng - Concept Art and Illustration - 2021

Edwin Vorng - Concept Art and Illustration - 2021

by Edwin on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello everyone! I'm glad to share my work this year, here we go!

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Bring original ideas to a very common subject is a difficult and fun challenge to do! 

American Cost Guards Mermaid Unit in action. It's an idea I had: "A mermaid will be very good for maritime protection but in a modern way"

The mermaid is attached for transportation in a helicopter and on a boat. After she detaches herself and jumps in the water 

"La Grenouille" ( Frog in English ) is a reconnaissance Mecha from the French Navy "Marine Nationale". It's an amphibious machine capable of turning into a submarine mode for underwater missions. 

A fun school project based on J.K. Rowling Wizarding World. Ilvermorny is the north America wizarding school, highly inspired by Amerindian culture and tradition. 

It's the Shamanism Teacher of Ilvermorny, he teaches how to invoke and control spirits and more specifically fire spirits.

"My existence started at my death"

Spirit Communication Teacher. She is a ghost who teaches communication with spirits since she was dead during the trail of tears. 

Some works that take place in the same world. Each character has a special job.

"Come here, you're mine !"

The drone Hunter, my favorite character and illustration  

A pretty difficult activity: fruit fishing. It consists of catching a maximum of aquatic fruits which grow only in the rapids.

The Little Air Postman delivers mails and various packages like medical stuff using his handmade hang glider.

"72 Heures de Paris"

A race in the rain! Illustration and concepts made for a Steampunk project. It's like the "24 Heures du Mans" but in the XIX century with steampunk prototypes.

A seamstress concentred and passionate about her job, just like us with art. 

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