Oscar Bagalini
by oscarbagalini on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi, i'm a french student in New3dge (Paris). My entry is mostly about my graduation project "Adrenaline", and a bit of my work done over the past two years in my school. I hope you will like it !

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Adrenaline is a personal project done with my classmate Jonathan BERTAUD, who worked on environments. My main task was to create the characters of our universe.

The story take place in a dystopian future in Shanghai, where an exhilarating race is held throughout the city. Winning this race brings fame, admiration, and last but not least, inconceivable amounts of money. This is the reason why different kind of group in the city, from the most dangerous organisations, to rebellious engineers and moneyless rogue take part to the most important illegal race of all.

Let's start with the main team !

The hero is Yuji Takeo, he is the pilot of the team. He is accompanied by Amana the mechanic and Satoshi the engineer. The team doesn't have much money but is very inventive.

Then we have a team of yakuzas. Their pilot is Hao, the favorite of the race. He has at his side Soo, the engineer, and Shun, the mechanic of the team.

Finally I also made additional research and sketches to better define the world that I wanted to create, having fun with the design of characters and motorcycle. 


This project was supervised by the Game Art section of New3dge. I had to design the characters for a story about a Mayan girl in charge of delivering a mythical creature captured by conquistadors.

Game Art team : Nicolas DUSSEAUME, Quentin HOFMANN, Clément NECA, Maxime GENEST, Juliette BATTIER, Adrian ERRAMOUN, Thomas LE GALL and Victor ROUXEL.


This project was also made for the Game Art section of New3dge. For this collaboration, I designed Suzanne, a scientist on an expedition to the Arctic in the 1930s. Once she arrives on the site she finds an abandoned laboratory invaded by a mysterious bioluminescent organism...

Game Art team : Mael VILLA, Steven DEUTCH, Livia PILAN, Elisa BERNON, Alessia MALATESTA and Fabien BURGER.


I also worked with the VFX Team at New3dge to assist them on their graduation movie.

The story takes place in 2133 in Hong Kong. The city has become the capital of a totalitarian regime. Mercyless sentinels patrols the streets looking for any law violation. Sam, a young resistant must break the curfew in order to infiltrate the radio tower and broadcast the message which will gather the resistance.

VFX team : Ryoma LENEUF, Benjamin AUTOUR, Gabriel MARTINEZ, Nicolas DAGUIN, Guillaume UCHOA and Arthur BOLLIA.

Other personal & New3dge work

I like to do studies to train my eye and improve my brushstrokes. It's a way for me to try things in terms of rendering while having fun.

Thank you !

Thanks to all the teachers I had the chance to have at New3dge, and especially to Lucile MEUNIER and Jens CLAESSENS for their precious advices,

Thanks to Aurélien FOURNIER and Fabien ROUMAZEILLES for having trusted me during these 2 years,

Thank you to all my classmates who motivated me, I'm really happy to have been part of the adventure with you guys. Cheers !

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