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GEMINI by Farah Mérand (concept art)

GEMINI by Farah Mérand (concept art)

by Farookie on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Here are my entry for the Rookies 2021 ! Mostly about my graduation project GEMINI and some others projects realized during my two years at New3dge.

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Hi there ! 

I am happy to present my graduation project Gemini, carried out over the last three months, as well as other projects I did during those past two years in New3dge school ! Hope you will like it  


For my graduation project, I wanted to focus on world building by creating a universe that could be present in a rpg  game. I used mostly the romain civilization and try to make it more fantasy. To help me, I created a small story in order to make a better decision choosing the different places to develop.

The story inspired by the myth of Romulus and Remus focuses on two abandoned twins, Numa and Médias, who will be separated years later, one remaining in the poor districts of the city while the other is becoming the heir of the empire.

Begin my exploration of the lower district and the Palace with the main places linked to the characters.

Let's start with the first place !

I started to follow my references by being quite historically correct at first, the fantasy side I wanted was not present enough so I explored the idea again to come up with a low district built on the ruins of the first buildings of the capital. All the following places were designed with this in mind.

Numa and Médias were living with their adoptive parents, The house must look poor but big enough for four people to live in. Life is not the most comfortable but many good memories remain here, I tried to show all of this in the final design. 

The gladiator school was supposed to be the most epic building in the lower district. If you're going to choose an ancient building to build your school why not take the most impressive one? That's how I came up with the design, while thinking about the play areas and functionality with the dormitories, refectory, weapons room, latrines, infirmary and training area. 

The shops are numerous and I could expand on many aspects, I explored from the small temporary stand, to shops iterations with the merchant's house as well as a complex of different shops grouped together.

Below I have represented some of the urban props that could be found, while studying their wear and tear.

Let's continue to the second place !

I wanted to show an opposition between the Palace and the Low district, since the low district is poor, built on ruins, has few decorations, is messy but still warm, I developed the Palace by doing the opposite.

Here is the first room I did, keeping in mind that the place should be large, filled with luxurious materials, rare and cool colours. While adding story telling clues about Numa, the twin living inside.

Same idea for the Atrium, as I didn't want the place to be cozy I exaggerated the scale to make us feel small and added some creepy  or unfriendly sculptures.

And here the last room, since Médias will be joining the Gladiator school and learning the fighting arts I have chosen to show the opposition once again by creating a study room for Numa to learn strategy in order to perpetrate military battles on behalf of the empire.

Thank you for staying until here and showing interest in my project, hope you enjoyed !

I will show some others projects and some personnal images I did below. 



Done in March 2020 in collaboration of the VFX cursus at New3dge, I did some concept for the short movie Noam directed by  Amandine Bertrand, Yasmine Lemineur, Baptiste Lucas, Valentin Josse, Jules Chantome, Fanch Brouste.  

I did the project with Samuel Amar (chara design) and Valentin Perouelle (environment design) who made some designs like the gate and the main temple in the city.

The story takes place in an eldorado like city.


Done in October 2020, in collaboration of the VFX cursus at New3dge, I did some concept for the game Elixir directed by Alexia Moléon, Anthony Filteau, Carol Richard, Philipe Glotin, Tahira Curreno

It's a stylized fantasy game, which takes place in the middle of a forest, you play as an herbalist alchemist.

Some other work did at new3dge or for myself during those past two years !

This last post were done in Wouter Gort class, everything exept the colors were done in traditional.

Thank you for staying until the end ! 

Thanks to all the teachers I had those past few years and those who followed me on my gradutation project Ulysse Verhasselt, Jad Saber, Julien Gauthier, Nils Carstens, 

Thanks to Aurélien Fournier and Fabien Roumazeilles for the follow up during all my cursus at New3dge concept art,

Thanks all my classmates who helped my to push my work further, 

Special Thanks to Esteban Sanchez for the english part of my graduation project ! 

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