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Adventure, Fantasy and Concept Art

Adventure, Fantasy and Concept Art

Mercè Monistrol Biosca
by mercemonistrol on 27 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi everyone, I'm Mercè! Welcome to my artistic journey full of pirates, creatures, magic environments... and some crabs?!

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Sea of Golden Waves I Personal project

Avast Ye! Let me introduce you to the last videogame project I have been working on for a month and a half. I feel so glad about it despite is not finished yet.

An ocean of riddles, treasures, and Krakens awaits you!

Drawing characters is my favorite part! I focused all my energies on finding a good design and take my render as far as possible. To organize so much work, I decided to follow some established steps.

This is the first time I draw so many weapons, and I discovered that I love it! Some are the result of authentic pirate weapons while others are mixed with sea creatures.

I think there is a crab without a claw walking along the bottom of the sea...

I decided to learn on my own how to use SketchUp as a 3D base for my Interior and Exterior props. I found out how useful it can be, so I want to go to the next level and learn Blender soon.

The Interior prop was the only element of the whole project where I used photos for adding textures. It is a very useful tool but I enjoy even more learning to paint textures myself. Here you can see the steps I followed, with a little description.

Ahoy, Matey! Here is where our adventure through the seven seas ends.

As I said, this is a project that I am still working on, therefore I still need to design some environments and scenes, but I'm sure that this work is enough for you to let your imagination fly.

Goya's head I Intership

Last year I did a three months internship in my school on a 3D videogame project. I learned how to work with other departments and I was the lead of a concept art team. Here I wanted to show you some of the concepts I did for this dark gloomy Survival Horror.

"The dream of reason produces monsters" - Francisco de Goya

After the war, everything was left desolate, not only the fields and cities but also the animals and humans.

I designed some sick animals that you will find walking around on the game. At the same time, I did some food props of what you could find in Goya's house. It was a great exercise to study new materials!

One of the enemies that torment Goya is the goat of the coven. It chases the player from within the paintings, although sometimes it goes out into the real world.  I made this concept taking Goya's paintings as a reference.

They weren't sure whether to put goat hooves or human hands on the character.  I made the transition between one and the other so that they could choose the most appropriate one.

In this project, I had the chance to develop interior props for the first time. At first, it was difficult but little by little I got used to it. I still have a lot to improve but I am happy with my progress in such a short time.

The concepts that I show you here are only a small part of all the work I did throughout the internship, but I consider that they are the most representative.

I learned many things from my co-workers, I just want to say thank you MetaTeam for your help and hard work!

Mushroom warrior I Challenge

Here you have my entry for one of the last Character Design Challenge. It was about designing a mushroom warrior so I decided to use the most famous fungus specie from where I live; the red pine mushroomI really enjoyed doing this drawing!

Thank you all very much for taking the time to see my entry!

I hope the magic of my work inspires you.

Want even more? Artstation  I  Instagram  I  All  I  [email protected]

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