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Victor Anceaume
by Victoranceume on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

The only survivor of a space shipwreck, the young orphan Nao lands on an unknown planet: Aquablue, the planet-ocean, where peaceful fishermen take care of his education. He lives in harmony with animals, nature and the ocean, and he fights against technology and for the freedom of his people.

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Personal ip Aquablue for my Graduation Project at New3dge

Aquablue is a French science fiction comic book series created by screewrtier Thierry Cailleteau and designer Olivier Vatine , pre-published in 1988 , So in this ip i wanted to create a short film around this world where i can create a village for my tribe ,

Aquablue was a great inspiration for the films of James cameron .

Etablishing shot of the village.

Drone shot , aerial view of the village.

Interior view, of the top of the village, throne room

View inside the village.

Vfx project , work i've done at New3dge for a shortmovie, Borealis

It's the story of a shaman who loses her wife and leaves to deposit these ashes at the top of the mountain on the way he will meet an evil spirit.

Vfx team :  Antoine Mathieu,Yann Meessen,Solène Juignet,Noëlie Girard,Julien Giard,Julien Tassan

Game art project , work i've done at New3dge for a small games , The Fault

It's the story of a young researcher, who goes to Antarctica and falls into a hole, and discovers an extraterrestrial vegetation under the ice and will be confronted later with an alien that I also designed

Game art team : Mael Villa,Steven Deutch,Livia Pilan,Elisa Bernon,Alessia Malatesta,Fabien Burger

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