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Art of FelysiaChew

Art of FelysiaChew

Felysia Chew
by Miyukiew on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi! I'm Felysia, or Miyukiew on social media. I'm here to showcase some of my artworks. Hope y'all like it!

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I was heavily inspired by splash art in games such as Smite and League of Legends, so I decided to try and make some myself. It was my first time drawing something like this.

-Hecate, the Dark Enchantress-
She's a villainous character in the midst of practicing black magic. The main goal for this piece was to make her powers flow well and to have a good lighting. Throughout the process, I made several modifications to the lighting and color schemes in order to properly depict the mood. I also made some character design sketches beforehand to see which design would work best for the piece.

Some thumbnails to explore the composition and the flow of her powers.

-Achilles in Battle-
My second piece of splash art that I've created. After I've finished reading The Song of Achilles, drawing him out was extremely satisfying for me as a nerd for Ancient Greek mythologies. This is one of the battle-scenes I imagined during his fight in the Trojan War. For this piece, I tried to have a more dynamic pose for the character and to show movement in the scene.

Thumbnails depicting different stages of the battle. 


A design concept project that I worked on some time ago for a college assignment. The Prophecy is made according to ancient greek references and life settings. I was intrigued by the advanced discoveries of astronomy and cosmology from ancient Greece, and therefore I chose to incorporate that into this world of re-imagined mythology.


These are some environment matte paintings that I've done for school assignments. It's done by photobash and sometimes by making a base in Blender.

A fantasy apothecary in the woods. It was made starting with a base in Blender.

Sketches of different stalls.

A winter post-apocalyptic world where the character finds the last remaining bunkers.


-The Rise of Queen Artha-
It is based on the story of King Arthur, but with a twist. This project is set in medieval Scotland, where Artha embarks on a journey to find the Excalibur, but is met with the Loch Ness monster who gets in her way.

-The Perfect Fried Rice-
This is a collaborative project done in school. It is about a boy who had multiple failed attempts at cooking fried rice until a cockroach appears to help him. I illustrated the poster, a character, and a prop for my team.

Some colour thumbs for the poster.

One of the key scenes of the story. A base was built in Blender before drawing on top of it. We were inspired by artists such as Lynn Chen and Goro Fujita so we used their art style as a direction, to make sure that our project looked in-tune with each other.

Visual development of the Cockroach.

Another collaborative project in school. The story is set in Penang, Malaysia where the ghost of an old man returns to the living world during the Hungry Ghost Festival as he tries to fight against his dementia to find his way back home.

Variations of the main character, Ah Huat. 

Some scenes in the story. I wanted to show a stark difference in the mood, by having a very warm colour for the flashback of a happy memory, as compared to the cold rainy day of his funeral.

A stylized environment design where I tried to capture the local cozy vibe of the streets in Penang, Malaysia. The narrow lanes dotted with heritage houses and street art were my main inspiration.

I like to dabble into different art styles because it's fun. I also like to do some studies of films and photographs during my free time.

That's all. Thanks for looking through <3

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