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Concept Art & Visual Development

Concept Art & Visual Development

Kiara Leneuf
by kiaraleneuf on 11 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Concept Art has always been the biggest passion of mine, even when I wasn't old enough to title this passion as such. This year, I got to work on several exciting projects at school, and this is what I've done.

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Tladlokta City is the first project that I'm showcasing ; it is a world building project made for New 3dge. The goal was to create a cohesive world and architectural identity. I was very inspired by traditional russian houses and the more resourceful aspect of thaï buildings in poor neighbourhoods. 

The main subject of this keyframe is the fruit and veggie market, a very old building in the center of downtown Tladlokta. Here is the concept artwork and some research sheets. 

I also decided to do some bonus character designs for this environment project, because it helps me quite a lot to figure out the design of the houses, in order to build a stronger visual identity. 

This second project is composed of two artworks I have made for the New 3dge Concept Art 2021 Contest, the theme was Bram Stoker's Dracula. I had to design Count Dracula and his castle. 

Earlier this year, I had an architectural design class at school with Ulysse Verhasselt. We had to design a shop, and I went for a clothing store for witches and wizards, with a broomstick delivery platform. 

And finally, here's some concept art sketches I've done for a keyframe project at school. I wanted to create the temple of the Goddess of Light in a personal universe. 

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