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MIREL SHALARI - Concept Art 2024

MIREL SHALARI - Concept Art 2024

Mirel Shalari
by mirelshalari on 30 May 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

Hi! My name is Mirel, I'm a 19 years old Concept Art student from Albania, currently studying at New3dge Concept Art in Paris. I'm excited to share with you a collection of my work I did during my first year here!

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UNEARTHED: Echoes of the Past

This is the character design work I did for a three-week group project at New3dge Concept Art, in collaboration with Atomhawk studios! I designed one of the main characters, Claire, as well as some secondary characters.
The story follows Claire, who seeks to venture into the depths of the mines of Aradia in search of her missing father, only to find out that something far more nefarious awaits below.

Character Design

The Emberlands

A character design duo I did during a two-week course with Eugene Postebaylo! In this world, fire is sacred, revered as both a giver of life and a force of protection.

Monster High

This was the result of a very fun assignment where we had to design a member of "Monster High" school, as well as their monster form. So this is Mirage, the Illusionry teacher of the school! Done in one week, under the guidance of Jens Claessens.


During the second week of Design class with Wouter Gort, the task was to design a medical robot. I wanted to do a fantasy spin on the prompt, so this is a pottery golem who can manipulate lifeforce with its tendrils!

Aethel Island

This is a character design I did for Pedro Kruger's class! We were given three different factions to choose from, and I decided to design the leader of the Aetheans; a small, peaceful civilization of indigenous people living in a floating island.

Keyframes & Mood painting


This is a keyframe I did under the guidance of Tahir Tanis for the second week of his Painting Essentials course!


For Tomas Osang Muir's course, we had to choose one of the studies we did during the first week of the class and expand it into a three-image story!

Environment Design

Train Station

Three images I did for Piotr Krynski's two-week advanced blender course.


This is the result of a two-week environment course with Paul Riebe!

Temple of the Fates

Three images I did during Max Schiller's environment design course, where we had to design a temple.

Thank you for your attention!

And thank you to all the amazing instructors I learned from this year, as well as my classmates!
It was an amazing year and I can't wait to share more.
Until then, you can find me on Instagram and ArtStation!

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