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Day Dreaming

Day Dreaming

Simone Palai
by SimonePalai on 1 Jun 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

Hello my name is Simone, what you will see below is the result of my studies and work. I hope you can appreciate the renders I have made with commitment and enthusiasm.

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1836 al cor del 7 Portes

This is a project I did during my master's degree in Interior Design for Hotel Bars and Restaurants. The project done in collaboration with the restaurant “7 Portes” in Barcelona was designed to be done in a historical building present in the city. The design was done in a group of 4 people. However, the images presented here were created in the last few months solely by me during the master's program in architectural visualization at “butic The New School”.

The Olive Grove House

Project by “Balzar Arquitectos.”

I was immediately fascinated by the harmonious relationship between the rural nature and the modern architecture of the villa. I therefore decided to create these images by putting into practice the notions I acquired during my master's degree in architectural visualization from “butic The New School.”

The project is a mostly faithful reproduction of the original design.

The project was complex and one of the major difficulties encountered was reproducing the red Iranian travertine, given the lack of good quality textures.

For the first time I experimented with the particle system of 3ds Max and Vray to create the shower water and the waterfall present in the indoor pool.

Another challenge I faced was the creation of caustics in the indoor pool.

I then wanted to create some images depicting the house in a quiet moment after the storm. The process was tricky because of the reflections caused by the wet materials.

The following photographs taken by “David Zarzoso,” are some of the images that I used as references for the realization of the project.

Creating the landscape was particularly laborious given the size. To make the vegetation and landscape look realistic, I accurately recreated the topography of the area.

The house and garden are enclosed within the red circle in the image.

The various layers created with Forest Pack and Rail Clone to realize the vegetation and natural elements in the scene are depicted below.

I hope you have enjoyed my creations, for me it has been an adventure full of discoveries, hard work and sleepless nights; which has, however, taught me a lot and given me much satisfaction.

Thanks to all the fantastic professors of the master's program in architectural visualization at “butic The New School” for their teachings and patience, especially thanks to Jacob García who tolerated me during my sleepless nights. 

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