Visual development & Illustration

Visual development & Illustration

Alexandre Perrière
by AlexandrePerriere on 23 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Here's all my best work of 2020-2021, including personnal work and the preproduction of my gratuation film Iam currently working on, Hope you like it

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Fantasy World

I wanted with this personnal project to experiment many painting workflow as long as creating imaginary worlds and characters.

The cataclysm 

I tried blender to make a rough base and get the brick textures for the wall

Death valley with a painterly approach


Sir Chantilly


Cyberpunk Project

project to challenge me and get out of my comfort zone contest : "My dream house"

I decided to draw a paceful house in the clouds where we live close to the birds. 

Graduation short film preproduction (WIP) : The legends

It's a comedy about two vikings (with limited brain) on their way to save the village on top of the mountain. On their way there are going to face a lot of obstacles.

Early concept art in order to fix the artistic direction for the movie

Character's iterations

Hope you liked it, and thanks for watching ! :)

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