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Félix Donadio - Concept Art & Illustration 2021

Félix Donadio - Concept Art & Illustration 2021

Félix Donadio
by felibulous on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi! I'm a French student, and for the 3rd year now, I'm glad to share with you this selection of my works!

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It's a pleasure to again participate in this challenge. It's the last year that I'm able to do it and I won't miss this chance!

This was made for the Artstation challenge, in the character design field. It was a very intense challenge that I made along with my studies. The instructions were clear, we had to create a different alien species for each character. I tried to set up an overall technology for the universe, something quite close to what we have on Earth, so we could relate to the social status of each species, and their role in the world that I was building.

Gnar is one of my favorite champions and I wanted to challenge myself by making a splash art as close as possible to the ones that there is in League of Legends. The illustration is based on the fan skin concept that Jeanne Plounevez did. The reason why I didn't make my own design is that illustrators usually work with existing characters and have to retranslate the specific features that make them unique. I wanted to put myself in this production-like setup!

I had a moment of obsession with dark fantasy and creepy humanoid monsters. Here is the result of a personal project with, of course, dark souls vibes!

This is a small sci-fi project where my aim was to design a spaceship crew, exploring the city of the Melgards

Lysfangha is a game that we did at our school, in a group of 14. I was in charge of the concepts and illustrations of the project with Jeanne Plounevez (her again!), so a lot of the work you will see is made with her help or together. I will try to detail as well as possible what I made in those images so you can have a clear vision of my implication. 

This is the key art of the game, so I and Jeanne really worked hard, hand in hand! 
We both did sketches of compositions, but we choose to go with ones that Jeanne did. She made the first color pass, with the mood. I came after to render most of the image, like the background and the characters, as well as the yellow effects in the foreground. She made the other effects, like the flames and the light orbs. 

I made the final pass, with the adjustment of the values! 

Again, we worked together on the characters. Jeanne mainly made the sketches and the first pass, and I came after to finalize the painting. Her strength is more in the sketching phase and mine is more in the rendering part, so we used that a lot!

This concept art set the tone of the game, and it's mainly because we did it together with Jeanne. The second image in the process view is the result of a session in a software that allowed us to draw together simultaneously. I cleaned the image after in photoshop!

The rest of the concepts below are only my work.

Flynn is a raccoon that hates when things are dirty, messy, unclean. The problem is that he lives in a trash city! But our little fellow is not someone that gives up his dreams easily, he will clean each inch of this town if he has to. 

A pretty simple project, I really like orcs and owls, so why not combine them? 

Another personal project on a post-apocalyptic universe. Society is in a huge crisis, on one side, the robots are rejected by humans, on the other side, some big aliens are invading the world. A small group of punks is trying to gather and fight!

Thanks for your time! 

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