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CAPTAINSASS Orson Illustrations and concept art

CAPTAINSASS Orson Illustrations and concept art

Captain Sass Orson
by Orson on 27 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello! Here are the best artworks I realized as a student at ISART DIGITAL in a 2 years period! All of these are the work of passion and I hope you'll like it !!

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The abandoned factory

An illustration made with a 3D base! Also comes with some concept arts!

The Arrival

Another illustration made with a 3D base, coming with a traveler and an incoming boss

Library Cruise ship!

Tired of reading alone in the streets? 
Come and take a relaxing journey through the skies to read your favorites books!

Wagadou Wizzard School

Character design: 2 teachers from Wagadou, an African school set in the Harry Potter universe

Here's Loren the voodoo teacher and Affafa the headmistress!

Concept art and Assets for an RPG

Assets used In the game and researches 

Character design and sketches

These were made to practice, school and develop my personal graphic universe!

Nature Thingies 

Always loved drawings forest, islands, trees!

The Heart of the Mountain

One of my weirdest project so far!

The point was to see where I can go if I don't put any limits to my creativity

The governors of corruption!

The alien squad

Plateformer made with Héléna Beilloin

Death claiming it's due 

I see that you made it to the end and for this, I have to give you my biggest "THANK YOU!!"

These projects are the work of passion and if you saw everything that means a lot for me!

I hope that you liked my entry and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me!

Have a great day ;) !

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