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Concept Art and Visual Development - Andy Lee

Concept Art and Visual Development - Andy Lee

Andy K Lee
by andyleeart12 on 28 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Various personal projects and studies exploring themes and subjects that I enjoyed as a kid and still currently do!

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THE KINGDOM - An RPG themed project exploring a fantastical Africa and a young boys quest to find the mythical tree of life. 

Contents: City Design, Apothecary Architecture, Tree of Life Entrance

DERELICT: A mini level design project for a post apocalyptic game. Started with a rough map of the player path and constructed/painted over the set plates. 

SKETCHBOOK: Last but not least, a glimpse into my sketchbook where I like to study and explore different cultures and architectures from various points in time (and some not of this world :) ) 

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