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Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are a way to communicate with the viewer, and add depth to a story. Together with music and effective copy, they can give us a message. We use them to create ads, title sequences for movies, videos and to share information.

Motion Graphics
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On behalf of the sponsors and judges, The Rookies would like to congratulate the following category winners.


Amanda Godreau


United States | Ringling College of Art and Design

Oddly enough, I don't think I've yet to have that realization. I've been creating in one medium or another for as long as I can remember. Creating never seemed like an option but rather something that just was part of me. Deciding to go to school for design seemed like the natural next step. I wanted to pursue a career doing something that I was truly passionate about.

Runner Up

SiJie Goh


Singapore | 3dsense Media School

I was very intrigued by art as a subject ever since young. l enjoy observing the different forms and mediums of art, from paintings to sculptures. And that has led me to study communication design. Throughout my journey as a graphic designer, I realized that motion design was something that I was interested in and decided to pursue it.

Highly Commended

Jesseter Wang


United States | School of Visual Arts

When I was young, I captured my dreams and whimsical thoughts by putting them on drawing paper. I love imagining myself touching and feeling these novel things in the fantasy world I created. After I went to college, those childhood memories helped me put more emotions and empathy into my artwork. This enthusiasm for creation has never faded and allowed me to grow to become a more proficient designer.

Highly Commended



Singapore | 3dsense Media School

When I was a child, I watched many animated movies and wanted to create some of my own. I was a huge fan of computer games so that really kickstarted my passion for the creative industry.

People's Choice

Daniel Salaverri


United States | Ringling College of Art and Design

Well, I've always been creative. I started pursuing an architectural degree and quickly learned that I despised mathematics... I took a hiatus from formal schooling to explore my passions and quickly grabbed onto graphic illustration. Upon my application to Ringling, my advisor said that given the wide variety of mediums I enjoyed working with, giving Motion Design was well worth a shot! The rest is history.

Honorable Mentions

The following winners made a lasting impression on the judging panel and secured highly sought after badges.

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Category Brief

The judges are looking for the best young artists passionate about motion graphics. You will need to show experience with creating motion graphics or motion design for film, television, music videos, promotional videos and similar visual media. The judges are looking to find the best technical and creative artists that can show a solid understanding of everything from type, colour, animation, story telling and design.

Important Notes

  • A great tip is to make sure you include the original brief you challenged yourself with. The way you approach and solve the brief is just as important as the finished video.
  • Motion design is a fairly hazy term that overlaps with animation, graphic design and filmmaking. If you want to work as a motion designer, share your work in this category.
  • Ask questions on our Discord Channel if you need help.
  • Review Winning Entries from last year that were selected by our judges.
  • Watch this video demonstration that shows how to create a perfect entry.

Requirements & Deliveries

  • Read the Rules to make sure you are eligible to enter.
  • No team entries allowed for this category.
  • Share your process with the judging panel by including supporting material, not only finished artworks.

Judging Criteria

The judges are looking for artists that are ready for employment. They are looking for artists with a passion for this category and have worked hard to hone their skills.

The judges will be considering your overall presentation, technical skills, creative skills, variety of content, and employment potential. Treat your entry like a job interview and share your best work to impress the judges.

How to enter

  1. Click Submit Entry button to create an entry page.
  2. Upload your best images, videos and supporting media using our entry page builder.
  3. Select ‘Rookie of the Year > Motion Design’ as your nominated category.
  4. Add details including a cover image, title, description, tags, and software used.
  5. Accept rules and confirm eligibility.
  6. Confirm & Submit your entry to judging panel.

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