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Cora Keene 2022

Cora Keene 2022

Cora Keene
by ckeene on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This is some select featured works from my 2022 portfolio - enjoy!

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My Reel (2022)

Gossamer (Kinetic Typography)

Gossamer by Fashion Jackson is a song centering around a dialogue between two people-- a very human, imperfect, and awkward conversation that I wanted to capture with motion. I used my own handwriting to create this font, and attached a moodboard along with 2 initial style frames.

Uzumaki (Title Sequence)

Based on the iconic novel by horror legend Junji Ito, Uzumaki follows main character Kirie Goshima as she follows her town's descent into a spiral-filled madness. I wanted to truly capture and convey the Junji Ito spirit, and did so using a photo collage style.

ICEE (Logo Resolve)

With this logo animation I wanted to encapsulate the energy and childlike excitement of the ICEE brand while still keeping a note of coolness.

Altoids (Logo Resolve)

I absolutely love Altoids mints-- they are a true classic. In this logo animation, I wanted to convey the "curiously strong" taste, while still preserving the classic logo and colors.

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