Kaleb River 2022

Kaleb River 2022

Kaleb River Sweeney
by kalebriver on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello! My name is Kaleb and i'm fascinated by nature and use art as a way to explore the microcosms all around me. I love the process of discovering a subject, exploring the countless ways one can capture it , distorting it and warping it to create something completely new, and creating worlds between two realities.

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A visual narrative navigating the events that unfolded during the beginning of time.

Audio from "The Universe" NASA Documentary 1970's

The Shape of Water

A deep dive into the underwater world. My aim in creating this title sequence was to set the tone and expectations for the Shape of Water film, by incorporating water and fabric floating through water I created, in my own way, a representation of what the shape of water could be.

Brain Food

A personal exploration of color, Brain Food was born from the late nights of playing with macro lenses and my never-ending fascination with the world. I discovered the oils floating on the surfaces of bubbles and took it as far as I could, discovering incredible patterns and forms invisible to the average person but available for everyone to see if they take the time to look for it.

New Dawn

Another project that I stumbled upon, I was experimenting with light and form on different rocks and natural surfaces and I found that if I dip them into water and their natural environments I could produce imagery the invokes powerful thought and meaning. To me, this project signifies my emergence as an artist and is the door that opened for me to continue to pursue my interests and to continue to work on the projects I love.

Abstract Visualizer

This visualizer was created by shining a light through a crystal I had sitting on my desk. This project is really the foundation of my process because it began from my own curiosity in how the light from my desk lamp was reflecting on the surface and I thought maybe if I shine a light through the crystal, certain details would become more pronounced and I could film some different perspectives and shots of what I was seeing.

Space Age

My first macro and practical project, Space Age began as an exercise for me to explore the world through my new macro lens attachment for my phone. It was a long but fulfilling process of trial and error to which I eventually landed in a reality somewhere between the ocean and space. Taking ancient relics (seashells) found at the bottom of the oceanI decontextualized them to fit a new narrative, one that is both natural and unnatural.

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