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Donghee Kim 2022

Donghee Kim 2022

Donghee Kim
by donghee940 on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello! I'm Donghee Kim, a student at Savannah College of Art and Design. This is my motion graphic collection of 2D and 3D. Thank you :)

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Brand Advertising 3D Motion Graphic for 'AZAR'


This is a 3D motion graphic advertisement for HYPERCONNECT. They have an online random matching smartphone application service called 'AZAR' with a simple green character. I made the concept that comparing the green ball as users, and showing how the green ball has a journey and meets each other randomly. In the process of the meeting, there are sections with the cool and cute mechanical process to show HYPERCONNECT's high technology for security. The color tone is focused on AZAR's main green color and yellow.



This is the Branding motion graphic animation for 'KODAK'. As Kodak has a long history with camera products, I designed the history of Kodak with a simple character. I focused on using Kodak's characteristic colors such as yellow, red, blue, white and black. The story begins with the character when he was a baby, and shows his memories with his picture from Kodak cameras. The last part of the story shows the recent camera model Kodak. This means that we used Kodak a long time ago and we will use Kodak products together for leaving our priceless memories.

Car Advertisement with Music Video


The concept was to advertise cars on the virtual stage with back screens. This is the advertisement of Car which is a Mercedes-Benz with a Music video for 'Dokki' who is a famous rapper in South Korea. In the music video, the main subject is the Mercedes Benz-CLS 250, so I used the car model which was already made by the modeller and composed the stage, lights, and screens with a variety of motion graphic effects and scenes of a music video for the background. The color tone was focused on black and white for composing the magnificent and majestic mood of Mercedes-Benz.



This is a 3D motion graphic of my Senior work 'YOU'. I made a poet and composed scenes with the astronaut model following the story. It is a story about following someone who I want to be and love. I metaphor someone else a big planet, and I'm the astronaut who keeps lingering around the planet. It shows the journey of the astronaut who is following the planet to try to be it. 



This is a 3D motion graphic of an abstraction story. The main character is not an organism, it is a seed that wants to bloom itself and be a flower. Blooming is the story about the seed's journey. The main topic of this story is I'm also a beautiful flower. Following the background colors, it starts with pink, orange, yellow, and purple like a day color. And the seed is keep rolling and finally finds the wonderful flower. The seed is planted and blooming itself to be changed into a beautiful flower.

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