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Rookie Awards 2021 | Career Opportunities

Epic Games Finalists

For over 25 years, Epic Games has been making award-winning games and engine technology. 5 entrants will win a telephone interview with the talent team looking for hire applicants.

Mattias Van den Saffele


Belgium | Howest University - Digital Arts and Entertainment

Ever since i was a kid, the 3D world has always sparked my curiosity. The idea of creating props, characters, and the entire environment around it piqued my interest right away. So after high school, it was only natural that I would look for a school that could teach me these skills. DAE in my instance, completely turned my world on its head and showed me how much more 3D is. All my questions about 3D could finally be answered and i could start learning the ropes.

Yano Claeys


Belgium | Digital Arts and Entertainment

Near the end of highschool I realised what I was studying was not something for me, I always had an intrest in 2D and 3D art. Then I heard of a school pretty close to where I lived where they teach you all about the digital arts for games and movies. I was hooked.

Rishikesh Nayudu


France | ArtFx

Around at the age of 16 or 17, I got to know that animation and VFX could be a career option. That's the time I made my choice to study digital arts.

Calvin Cropley


Australia | Academy Of Interactive Entertainment

In 1994 I was introduced to the Sony PlayStation, from there I discovered a wide range of games, typically action and adventure I was amazed at what this machine could do and needed to figure a way how to get inside. But that was hard at the age of 5. In 1996, I was then introduced to the world of horror, with such games as Resident Evil and Silent Hill, it was at this point where my little mind realized that this was the industry was where I needed to be, I was 7 at the time.

Jason Ano


United States | Flashpoint Chicago

Growing up I got to see the rise of video games and massive expansion of technology. I loved everything about it. In high school I had a talent for wood working later combining that with my love for technology and bringing me to become a Junior Prop & Environment Artist.

Nicolette Battad


United States | Think Tank Training Centre

After studying Mechanical Engineering and working in the automotive industry for a few years, I felt a yearning to finally make my hobby a career. I recently discovered Game Art as being a perfect blend of both my technical background and illustrative skills. I'm currently studying at Think Tank Training Center on the Environment Art path.

Junliang Zhang


United States | University of Utah

Honestly, I have been playing video games for over 15 years since I was a kid. Especially, I really like AAA games because the AAA games stand for high-quality graphics and gameplay, which gave me a lot of inspiration and ideas to create awesome environments on my own. Therefore, my true interest is game art.

Seoyoung Choi


United States | Academy of Art University San Francisco

I have spent more than half of my life drawing. It has always guided me to discover the things that I like to do. Art has led me to go to art school and wanting me to become a 3D Generalist. Digital technology has definitely captivated my recent enthusiasm as I have learned more and more about it. One of the important reasons I have chosen this job is that 3D Generalists have a transitional role between concept artists and 3D Animators.

Marius Moolenburgh



Since covid started, I was not able to leave my house, thats when I found out about digital designing. I started out doing it sometimes whenever I was bored and wanted to kill time. Now I do it everyday and really enjoy it. I mainly do "fortnite" designs, where I have gained a following of over 10,000 total. I have worked with the biggest content creators and orginizations in the community. I have also been invited to an invite - only NFT website, where I sold my first animation for 0.17 ETH.

Matthew Corsillo


United States | Ringling College of Art and Design

One of my earliest memories is of my older brother showing me an episode of Spongebob Squarepants, which hooked me into an obsession with all things related to entertainment. When I was around 12 or 13 years old, I became deeply rooted in the world of animation. I was drawn in by tv shows at the time which opened my mind to the possibilities of storytelling, particularly Cartoon Network's "Adventure Time". I knew ever since that I wanted to be a part of the animation community.

Sasho Lazeski



During my teen years I was actively focused on music with a band and I was a passionate gamer ever since I can remember. I later moved abroad to study business and got a job in sales, which required a switch in priorities. I missed creativity and games in my life ever since, but 5 years ago I discovered 3D game art and I loved everything about it. I then decided to start learning 3D after work and I have not stopped since. I am now on a journey to switch careers into 3D environment art!


United States | Gnomon School of VFX, Games, and Animation

I realized I wanted to work in the creative media and entertainment industry around 4-5 years ago. After I watched many Game Cinematics such as, Diablo, Assassin Creed and Good and Evil to name a few. I realized I wanted to jump in CG/VFX industry to try my hand in that. Also, I got interested in CG by watching my favorite Disney films like Moana.

Alexandre Perrière


France | ECV

I started to draw just after I saw How to train your dragon 2, I wanted to move people with my creations. And here I am, student at ECV Bordeaux practising my skills and pushing them on and on !

Rhiannon Remo


United States | Gnomon School of VFX, Games, and Animation

I knew I was an artist since the day my father first booted up Studio Artist for me when I was four. I sat there playing for hours, and that passion has persisted throughout my life for as long as I can remember. However, my interest in the entertainment industry was sparked by my other passions for film and video games. Realizing there was an industry that encompassed so many of my passions, I eventually enrolled at Gnomon, where I am currently studying to pursue the things I love!

Jonni Zhang


Germany | Think Tank Online ( Think tank Training Centre - ONLINE )

I think I have had the wish to work in a creative field for as long as I can remember. Although, It was only about a couple years ago since I decided that I wanted to become a 3D character artist and started trying to improve my skills every day.

Lee Beom soo


South Korea | SF Film School

When I was younger than now, I saw a VFXmovie about the Avengers, Transformer, Terminator etc. and every time I watch such a fantastic movie, I wanted to make the vfx movie and i loved them. so I looked up what I had to do to make those movies and I knew I had to learn vfx to make such a movie so i realised i wanted to work in the creative media and entertainment industry and I decided to learn cgi after long suffering and distress



France | MOPA

I think I always wanted to work in a creative media, I just didn't know which one. As a child I really loved drawing, as a teenager, I really enjoyed music and now as a young adult I think I have found my path in animation (because it regroups all of it).

Dat Matthias Nguyen


Germany | PIXL VISN | Media Arts Academy

4 years ago in 2017, I discovered tutorials online from Feng Zhu, a digital concept artist. Fascinated by him I started to learn concept art and digital painting, mostly from online sources. But I just did that as a hobby for 2 years. Then in 2019, I decided to visit a 3D school in cologne, Pixl Visn Media Arts Academy, mainly because I wanted to understand the basics of 3D and the mindset of a 3D artist, to become an even better and more efficient concept artist.

Nate Thorman


Australia | Flinders University / CDW Studios

The drive to be creative is hard to explain, like an itch in the back of your neck that only goes away when you start doing something artistic but comes right back as soon as you finish. For a long time I thought that working as a Graphic Designer would sate that hunger, but once I landed that first studio job, it only made it more apparent that my aspirations were bigger and that I wouldn't be happy unless I was working to create similar things to that which inspired me as a kid.


United States | Academy of Art University

last year


United States | Savannah College of Art and Design

I've wanted to work in the entertainment industry and specifically the game industry since my freshman year in high school when I realized I could combine my love for art, storytelling, and games in one profession. At first, I wanted to be a concept artist, but within the past year I have fallen in love with traditional and digital sculpting, and now feel that nothing is more fun or rewarding than sculpting characters and creatures.

Antoine Gallouin


France | ECV

At the end of high school, I had no ideas of what job I could do later, but I liked to draw (and I still do !) so I said to myself : "Why not try this way, and see what I got ?" And here I am !

Joe Rodrigues


France | new3dge

I remember reading "The Hobbit", then all of Tolkien's works when I was a child and saying to myself "This is what I want to do!". Since, I have always been drawn to different artistic fields. After graduating in Illustration, I started to get interested in the creative media and entertainment industry and since then it has become a real passion.

Halldor Heidberg Stefansson


Iceland | Reykjavík academy of digital entertainment


Lola Serre


France | Artside game art school

Give a body to the souls of our mind, make them alive. It's beautiful and peaceful to be immersed face to our dreams, illusions and the unreal that becomes real. When i understood that, I said, to myslef "Crap, that's what i want to do".

Victor Gonzalez


Puerto Rico | Ringling College of Art and Design

Taanthip Tuchinda


United States | Savannah College of Art and Design

I've always loved science and art, and game development seemed like the perfect intersection of both my interests. I was drawn into this industry because of its supportive community and everyone's constant drive to improve their work. As a Character Artist I love creating visually interesting, memorable characters and telling their stories through design, silhouette and color. Characters are my medium of immersive storytelling!

Shannon Widjaja


United States | Savannah College of Art and Design

Art has always been something I've been passionate about but I never saw it as a career possibility until I was in high school. I did just about every subject that was offered in high school and nothing gave me the same feeling as creating art does which led me to enter art school. I have always loved animation growing up, telling a story through movement, but something that truly inspires me is the world built around the characters which thus led me to be an environment and props artist.

Ben McDonald


United Kingdom | Staffordshire University

Zishu Xiang


United States | School of Visual Arts

Khôi Tran


Canada | Syn Studio

I always knew I wanted to work in the video game industry but I initially chose the scientific path before realising I was really drawn into the artistic and more creative side of games. So in 2014 I started studying drawing and painting fundamentals before getting into concept art in late 2019.

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