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The Rookie Awards 2021 | Career Opportunities Entry

The Rookie Awards 2021 | Career Opportunities Entry

Calvin Cropley
by calvincropley on 1 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A compilation of the best from 2020-2021. This entry is for the Career Opportunities Category. Here I focused primarily on the lighting and material definition. My career goals are to push further with my skills and to also share my knowledge with other Artists.

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Train Carriage Relighting:
Relighting was achieved by the use of Omni Lights, cinematic cameras, sequencers, and the render queue in Unreal Engine 4. All post-process was done directly in Engine with additional camera controls and post-processing.

Train Asset:
Clinton Crumpler.

Sci-Fi Interior:
Mainly focusing on a hard surface and lighting the scene, went with the same lighting style as the subway train. The lighting was inspired by games such as Deadspace, Doom and James Cameron's Aliens.

My intent for this project was to work and understand Modular Environment Workflow and lighting. I've applied the same workflow as the previous project using Marmoset Toolbag 4.

Light Exercise:
Here I wanted to mimic the look and feel of my concert photography. All post-process and light were done directly in Marmoset Toolbag 4 and calibrated with the Macbeth Chart.

Reference was taken from my Music Photography.

Character Asset:
James Busby.

Along with the lighting work that was done here, I also worked on adding additional details and touches.
Re-Meshing and Retopologizing was also done here, along with a few microwear like dust and grim via, Substance Painter. This allowed me to showcase the materials as if they were shot in a studio. The lighting work and rendering was all done in Marmoset Toolbag 4.

Asset scans from:


WWII Wood Box for MK1A1 Grenades:
Eying this one to one and worked with masks, stencils, and layering to give it a worn look, stains, scratches, and spray paint stamps were added for additional realism. Details for the crate was referenced, and the rope was created with a custom NURBS curve, that I made in Maya, procedural and is dependent on its shape of adjustment with a spline. Maps were baked in 8k and exported at 4K to retain all the detail from the masking and areas of detail.

Full Breakdown Here:


Sci-Fi Gas Pump:
I wanted to start the new year off with a challenge. Here, I focused on a hard surface project using the Speed Cut plugin for Maya and traditional modelling and extrusion. All UV was done within Maya and Texturing in Substance Painter. Creating this Asset was super fun, and glad to know that most of the piece can be used for another upcoming project also. Rendered in Toolbag 4.

Speed Cut:

Terrarium Enclosure:
Lately, I've been having lots of fun at home building crazy amounts of Terrarium Enclosures, I figured it'd be a great idea to build a permanent one that will last forever.

Doing this has not only showed me great length and level of detail with certain assets like plants but, it's also allowed me to understand creative practice with a modular toolset.

To do this, I Megascans Bridge via Toolbag 3 to import and place, knowing that's it's not available for the new version, then once I was happy with the placement I then carried it across in Toolbag 4 for the rest of the process. This included adjustments to the refraction, scattering, fuzz and the new displacement features.

Organic Materials:
Material study of organic Rock, Sand, Gravel, Pebbles and Rough Dirt from my trip to the Beach. Created entirely in Photoshop, Substance Alchemist and source image from the scouting. Rendered in Toolbag 4.

Explosions via PhoenixFD for Maya:
Created variations of explosions types using Phoenix FD and Rendered in Vray using Maya. Variations types include Gasline, Chemical, Nuclear and Fireball explosions.

Playstation Wallpaper:
Created this video loop wallpaper for my Home Entertainment setup.
Symbols were traced and modelled with curves in Maya, using the original images found online. Gravity was then added to the assets to give the scene a floating feel.

Added the basic colours to the symbols using Substance Painter and as well as a slight touch of an Emissive for the final scene. I then rendered this in Marmoset Toolbag 4, 
I was then able to add the Basic grey background found on the original consoles to give it a classic look.

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