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Heka is an end-of-year project carried out with a team of 8 people, François Larrieu, Yutian Li, Kevin Chidiac, Maxime Lecas, Théau Guettier, Alexandre Benyahia, Antoine Zavagno and Joe Rodrigues. This project was carried out in 8 weeks with a team of 5 environment artists, two character artists and 1 tech artist.

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This project was an incredible group experience, we had fun in an excellent working atmosphere both in terms of communication and mutual aid. The goal of this project was to create a third person game so, we wanted to bring an atmosphere both Egyptian and Sci-Fi respecting the concept of Leo Sapolsky while taking liberties so that this project belongs to us both in terms of of achievement than imagination.

Gameplay : 

Some Videos of our environment.

Some screens of our environment.

Here are several Props made by François Larrieu, Yutian Li, Maxime Lecas et Théau Guettier including the drone designed by Egor Kudashkin. We also had fun designing old posters with our heads. :)

The main character was directed by Antoine Zavagno, his name is "Jean D-3000" (We like to give names to our characters!) And he has 14506 Polys.

The Mecha was made by Alexandre Benyahia it is called "MG night" and it has 27118 Polys.

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