Environment Art & Illustration

Environment Art & Illustration

Antoine Gallouin
by antoinegallouin on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi ! Let me introduce you some of the works I did during this past year ! From personnal works, to my graduation short movie, through school projects, I hope you will like these as much as I do !

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Welcome ! 

Don't waste more time ! Let's start with the works  !

Victorian Era

"The Great Three"

This is a concept I did in order to train photobash.

Science - Fiction

I love a lot of differents univers, so here are some SciFi Environments !

"The Arrival"

"Convergence, The Link City"

For school, I had to imagine a futuristic city, with a huge superstructure

"The Door"

"The Army"

Titanfall Fanart 

"The Guardian"

But, you know... I also create some colored stuff ! 

"The Power of Friendship - Nessie"

"The Power of Friendship" -  Monki

"Power of Friendship"- Turtle

Some speepaints

"The Meeting"


Graduation Short Movie - WIP

Yosemite tells the story of two women who are lost in the immensity of the Yosemite Park. 

To get out of this place they will have to find their way, but also their true nature ! 

Thank you for watching !

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