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CG Generalist Reel 2021

CG Generalist Reel 2021

Shannon Widjaja
by shannonwidjaja on 2 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi everyone! My name is Shannon Widjaja and I am a 3D Artist with a focus on Look Development and Lighting. I am a junior at the Savannah College of Art and Design and here are some of the works I made during my junior year. I hope you like it! View more full project breakdowns on my website

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Ho Diec Food Storage Room

Ho Diec Food Storage Room is a CG recreation of a 2D concept art by Tian Gan. I am responsible for all CG aspects.

The Ho Diec Tribe is set in a reimagined world of Horizon Zero Dawn (2017) created by Tian Gan. While I have never played Horizon Zero Dawn before, I have watched a lot of their gameplay videos and I am an avid lover of open-world games. I wanted to convey a lived-in environment and push my abilities to model, texture, light, and composite a scene. This project was an opportunity for me to also Maya's fluid system by creating a smoke just like in the concept. Check out the final render and the breakdown video below!

‚ÄčModeling - Maya and ZBrush | Surfacing and LookDev - Photoshop, Substance Painter, Mari | Lighting and Rendering - Arnold | FX - Maya Fluid System | Compositing - After Effects

Stills of Project Breakdown from Start to Finish

Texture Map Breakdown

Athena : Goddess of Wisdom and Warfare

Athena is based on a concept by Brian Matyas. I wanted to push my ability to create semi-realistic characters that could look like they belong in an animation or a game. I am a big fan of Assassin's Creed Odyssey and took 3D inspirations from them on top of the 2D concept. Checkout the project breakdown below!

Modeling - Maya and ZBrush | Surfacing and Look Dev - Substance Painter, Mari, Photoshop | Grooming - XGen Interactive | Lighting and Rendering - Arnold

Texture Map Breakdown

Hair Grooming Breakdown

Chasing Indomie

Chubby's friends play a prank on him and make him chase for his lunch, a delicious packet of widely famous Indonesian instant noodles, Indomie Goreng. 

Chasing Indomie is a collaborative project where I was in charge of the drone's model, rig, and textures as well as the overall surfacing, look development, and lighting of the animated short.  I wanted the environment to feel like it is set in slum areas of Jakarta, Indonesia, my hometown

Texture Map Breakdown

Industrial Apartment Living Room

I absolutely love the industrial interior aesthetic and it's always been my dream to own a place with that style, hence I chose to create it for this project. I worked on both the lighting and the look development of the scene. The textures were a mix of some painted maps in Substance Painter and also maps from Quixel Megascans. It was also a challenge to find a camera angle that makes a small space like an apartment living room look large.

Surfacing and Look Dev - Maya, Substance Painter, Quixel Megscans |  Lighting and Rendering - Arnold

Models provided from various sites such as Sketchfab, CG Trader, etc. Not responsible for any modeling.

Lighting and Look Development Passes

2021 CG Generalist Demo Reel

To wrap it up, here is my CG Generalist Demo Reel with some of the above projects and more. Thank you for watching!

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