ASTRO Senior Thesis

ASTRO Senior Thesis

Victor Gonzalez
by vgonzalez on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

ASTRO is a game that takes place on an alien world. You play as a member of a rescue team to rescue any survivors and find out what caused the crash.

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ASTRO Senior Thesis

This is ASTRO my senior thesis project! The game takes place in an alien world where an old space vessel crashed. You play as part of a rescue team to figure out what caused the crash and to see if anyone made it out alive. Overall, I'm proud of the results and this project was extremely fun to work on!


Here you get to see my approach to set dressing as well as a more close up picture on my assets. During the making of this project I approached the game through layers. On the first pass of making my game everything was clean and almost spotless. On my second pass I began to tear pieces from the ship and add debris around the crater and path it created. On the final pass I added vegetation and rust to the ship to show the age of the crash. It was a slow and meticulous process but I think it was worth it and going in layers really helped me achieve the quality necessary in each stage. Here you can find example of the hand made assets and materials made for this project.

The Ship

Here is my first pass on the ship! You'll notice that it's completely intact and looks new. This is because I wanted the ship to be built as a whole so I would know exactly how it would have looked before the crash. After this I tore the ship in half and then added the vegetation.

Thank you!

I'm very proud of this piece, and it was a real challenge with the time constraints and the scope I wanted. I have many people to thank that helped support me in the process of this project, teachers, friends and family really drove me to make this as good as it is! I also wanted to thank you for taking the time to look at my submission and at this project.

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