My Props & Environment  of  2021

My Props & Environment of 2021

Hi Everyone! I am a last-year student from DAE located in Belgium, between all the lessons and my internship I managed to create some side projects. I Like to create these super realistic props and present them in a little scene to kinda showcase my work's quality and what's possible with them.

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Pirate Gun

I was on a trip to France and visited a castle there. I saw a lot of guns and cannons and this basically inspired me to create one in 3D! This prop took a really long time, I wanted to make the best I could on every level there go in detail as deeeep as possible and push my own boundaries!

I sculpted everything in Zbrush and did the low poly in 3DsMax, I really wanted to create this unique prop with signs of usage.  It was scary for me to create this wood texture in Substance painter but I think I did a good job.

I always try to create a little scene for each prop I make to showcase my work's quality and what's possible with them. most times I start with rough sketches on paper and then I use megascans and other free assets to create the scene in Unreal Engine 4.  hope you like it!

Leica Camera - Cecile

I actually got this one from my grandfather!  my main focus in this project was the leather. I wanted to create this realistic damaged look, it was my first time creating leather in Substance Painter and I was kinda scared to start on this one... 

This prop lies close to my heart cause not long before I started on it my grandmother died and it was a kinda emotional time for me, I worked out those feelings while modeling this prop. Sometimes it's crazy what these kinda projects do with people and how they can help to get things in line... that's why I ' engraved ' her name on the back of the camera to kinda dedicate it to her :) 

Phone Toy 

I went to this second-hand store where they have clothes, toys and anything you can think of basically,  I was looking for something fun to model for a new project. after like an hour of searching I finally found this damaged phone that have me some ideas!

This was a super cool project I learned a lot about subsurface scattering. I always try to achieve the best realistic result that is possible from all the little details in the texture to the lighting in Unreal Engine!

Good for you if u recognized the wallpaper from Toy Story, your a true Disney fan ( just like me )  

Harry Potter Muffins

I got inspired by the muffin scene from the Harry Potter movie, from the moment I saw them muffins fly I knew I was going to recreate the scene in my way.

I sculpted the whole muffin from scratch in Zbrush, did the retopo in 3Dsmax and texture in Substance Painter of course! then made the scene in Unreal Engine 4.  It was my first time sculpting something organic like that, no hard surface with edge damage but instead this soft dough with crispy edges! it took a long time to get right but I think I got a good result in the end :) 

It was fun texturing this prop, creating this illusion of greasy transparent paper, it really sells the realism factor! 

Hope you get gurney from watching this one!

King 2.5 binoculars

These are my King 2.5 binoculars I found in France some time ago, This was a 'easy' little prop with leather, I wanted to create something with leather for a long time to learn how to make it in Substance Painter. each time I try to look for something with shapes or textures that I didn't do before so I learn something every time :) 

I like the simplistic smart design of this object and it was fun creating each part in 3D!

Dessert Scene

This was a dessert scene I made with the assets from a pack I bought. I learned a lot in this project from lighting to composition to optimization :) 

Modular Sci-fi Level

This is a modular sci-fi level I made, I tried to create this used environment with flowing cables and dirt. I also really wanted to make sure each part fits perfectly on each other. so this project was a little frustrating every time you think u fixed the problem with a new piece, another problem becomes clear.. but eventually I got it done :) 

I hope you liked my projects, i learned a lot from it and will continue my 3d Journey either way :) 

Have a nice day and stay safe!

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