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Ratzia - ESMA Short Film

Ratzia - ESMA Short Film

Short film made during our final year at ESMA Toulouse. Directed by Laurie Garnier, Nicolas Gouze, David Guerin, Timothée Mano, Matéo Marie, Lara Roulot, Lorena Sautré, Corentin Vergez, Emmanuelle Zamo. Original music score by Luc Scholz. #esma

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A cunning cat and two light-headed rats team up to break into a grocery store. They will have to sneak past obstacles and face the menacing owner of the place. Will they manage to steal the delicious looking ham ?


Full movie

Still Frames



Set design

Character design

Character Turnarounds

FX Breakdown

USD Pipeline

Having to manage multiple characters in a small but filled environment such as the grocery store represented a real challenge, as many shots would need their own set adjustments made by the animators.

For the needs of our movie, we developed our own pipeline using USD (Universal Scene Description). It is centered around SideFX's SOLARIS, the dispatcher Tractor, and the rendering engine Renderman, while also integrating other softwares such as Maya and Substance Painter. You can find more about our experience and approach in using the format known as USD here:


Directed by

Laurie Garnier: Modeling, Set dressing, Grooming, Surfacing, Lighting, Compositing

Nicolas Gouze: Set dressing, Grooming, Surfacing, Lighting, Compositing

David Guerin: Modeling, Surfacing, Lighting, Compositing

Timothée Mano: Modeling, Rigging, Layout, Animation

Matéo Marie: Set Dressing, Surfacing, Lighting, Compositing, Pipeline, FX

Lara Roulot: Concept Art, Rigging, Layout, Animation

Lorena Sautré: Concept Art, Storyboard, Modeling, Rigging, Layout, Animation

Corentin Vergez: Modeling, Surfacing, Lighting, Compositing

Emmanuelle Zamo: Concept Art, Storyboard, Rigging, Layout, Animation


Kelssy Abdou

Sarah Balanger

Eva-Luna Delmas

Justin Phillipps

Original Score:

Luc Scholz


Mr Pingouin: Piano

Swell: Percussions

Voice Recording:

Colligence Records


Benoît Allemane: Gino (the grocer)

Tristan Le Bozec: Marco

Claire Montoulieu: Polo

José Vicente: The cat

Sound design and sound editing:

Sébastien Fournier

Tristan Le Bozec

Mixing 5.1:

Yoann Poncet

José Vicente

Studio des aviateurs

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