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Jinx - Arcane: League of Legends

Jinx - Arcane: League of Legends

Danka Guglielmi
by mogu on 31 May 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

As a die hard mixed-media fan I couldn’t miss the chance to try and recreate the iconic look of Jinx. Let’s have a look into the workflow of my personal school project. Hope you like it!

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Hello everyone! I'm Danka, a Character artist in the making currently studying at Side Academy !
I chose Jinx as my first project because Arcane has a really special place in my heart. Down below you can see I've reproduced two of the iconic shots from the last few episodes of the series.

Side by side ref comparison:

Character Turntable:

texture, wireframe and uv checker

360 Character

360 Lightning


At first glance Jinx could seem pretty easy to sculpt, at least is what you get from looking at the official images shared from Riot Games. Volumes and proportions are smooth and well balanced. Trying to recreate them is not as easy, I spent many weeks tearing apart each reference to figure out how to make it so pleasing to look at. Matching her facial structure and shape was quite the challenge, despite that I'm satisfied with how she turned out.


Here's a sneak peek into the texturing process. Since there's a lack of resources on how to recreate the distinctive look of Arcane, I tried to combine my digital painting process into Substance workflow. Using fill layers and anchor points as levels and masks in Photoshop. I had so much fun, truly what I've enjoyed the most out of it all!!

Then I used aiToon materials to bring my textures to life. Rendered in Arnold and later composited in Nuke and Photoshop


Software used: Maxon Zbrush, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Substance Painter, Nuke and Adobe Photoshop


Last but not least I'd like to thank my tutors Omar Frare and Valeria Niculita at Side Academy who followed me through all the ups and downs of this project! What a journey! I'm looking forward to creating even more amazing things! 

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