Rookie Awards 2020 | Game of the Year

Console & PC

Looking for the very best games for PC & Console. The games can be created by both teams and individuals. Trailers and unfinished projects allowed, but finished games preferred.

Console & PC
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On behalf of the sponsors and judges, The Rookies would like to congratulate the following category winners.


Jamie Callow - Uplink


Uplink is a game cinematic rendered in Unreal Engine, following an engineer and his mechanical companion on their mission through a derelict settlement on Titan. Together, the duo face off against an oncoming swarm of killer drones at bay.

Runner Up

Simon LARGUIER - Symphonia


Embody a violinist and awaken a gigantic, forsaken world in this highly poetic platformer! Using your violin and bow, move towards the core of the realm to understand your role in this universe and play the best Concerto!

Highly Commended

Joanna Nicole Rodriguez - OZIAS


Ozias is a fantasy exploration game about a young boy whose parents were once great warriors. They told him of an ancient tale about a slumbering dragon in the mountains. Now older, Ozias is seeking out the dragon. In this adventure, he must conquer the mountains and uncover the truth.

Highly Commended

Guillaume Bleuze - Karnage


Graduation Video Game
School : ISART DIGITAL, the Video Game and 3D Animation / VFX School

In a huge arena, you play a driver in a heavily-armed vehicle fighting against a giant monster.
Find the flaws of the monster, activate traps when needed and, with the gatling, strike down this filthy creature.

Platform : PC

Highly Commended

Ben Brook - Zoélie


Zoélie is an Action Puzzle Platformer that tells the story of a young girl exploring her town of La Colina alongside her imagination-powered quilt , Sueño.

Highly Commended



End Studies project in Game Artist Specialisation @New3dge

Beyond the Line is an Action/Infiltration/RPG game that takes place in an alternative reality, where the Cold War has continued to our present.

People's Choice

Taylor Pope - Harbinger of Spring

Harbinger of Spring

Harbinger of Spring is a first person multiplayer FFA shooter. Gameplay is a mixture of old school arena mechanics and modern mobility systems. Set in an ancient alien temple, players compete against each other to find and secure energy sources stolen from the tree of life itself. This student project took six months.

Honorable Mentions

The following winners made a lasting impression on the judging panel and secured highly sought after badges.

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cjbgames (Rookie Awards - Finalist) View Entry
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qlfks26 (Excellence Award and Draft Selection) View Entry

Category Brief

The focus for this category is high-end games designed to be played on Console & PC. The judges are looking for completed games here. This is not a category for people to share parts of a game they contributed to. If you have not completed your game yet, please make sure to share a teaser trailer to pitch your work to the judges.

Important Notes

  • You must submit a completed game or teaser trailer. Single assets and clips will not be considered.
  • Please include supporting material with your finished game. The judges need to better understand the process, the challenges and how your game was created.
  • Team entries are allowed. Make sure that only one team member submits the project and adds additional team members as project collaborators.
  • Games must not have been released prior to June 2019.
  • Share your process with the judges so they fully understand your thought process.
  • Successful entries in previous years have included video footage of people playing the games. Other ideas have included screencasts where the team walk you through the platform.
  • If you have a link to your finished game that can be downloaded, please share it as part of your entry page using the Add Text widget when building your entry page.

Requirements & Deliveries

  • You must create a single entry page that includes your completed game, a detailed breakdown and supporting material. Do not create multiple entries with single projects as you will be disqualified.
  • Put effort into your entry page by including text descriptions, titles, work-in-progress and any include supporting material that you feel will impress the judges.

Judging Criteria

The judges are looking for artists or teams that have created a game that is not only creatively and technically sound, but is also fun and immersive to play. They are looking for artists or teams with a passion for game design and development. The judges will be considering your overall presentation, technical skills, creative skills, variety of content, and employment potential.

How to enter

  1. Read the Rules. Don’t worry, there isn’t too much lawyer talk in there. Quick Link.
  2. Create an Entry using the button below.

Need some help? Watch this video demonstration to help make sure you create the best entry possible.

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