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Anura (Frog RPG Game)

Anura (Frog RPG Game)

by Aritz Sanchez, Callum Beadle, Carmen Preece, Daniel Hill, Mack Foley, Sam Mayson, and danduw on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

An RPG experience set in a world inhabited by Frogs! From friendly frog folk to dangerous beasts, the Anura RPG Game project being developed by a team of Hertfordshire University students looks to offer an expansive RPG world with an amphibian theme.

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Anura Development 

Our team has been updating our progress frequently online, showing off our journey from all the way to the start. You can go check out some playlists of our development down below!


Previous trailer submissions

Development blog playlist

// Environment Showcase //

// Character Showcase //

// Assets & Materials // 

// Concept Art - Daniel Hill //

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