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Diego Granizo- Character Artist

Diego Granizo- Character Artist

Diego Granizo
by dgranizo0797 on 1 Jun 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

I am proud to share with you my two projects I did in Think Tank Training Center. I feel like I have learned a lot and I keep improving my skills as a 3D character artist for games. Hope you all enjoy them as much as I do!

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HI! My name is Diego and I am an animator who decided to follow the path as a character artist at Think Tank Training Center. SInce I remember I like to do characters and imagine all the aspect of them. I love to add some extra storytelling because I feel with this the character have more personality. Also, I always try to add some realism in all of them to make them look even better.

Viking Warrior 

I would like to introduce you to my Intermediate term at Think Tank Training Center and my first full character I created. In this project I wanted to add some extra realism basing myself in the concept art I chose, also to capture the anatomy of the human body, the expression of the face and bring to life the garment and weapons that he has.

Viking Final Render

Character Turnaround 

Character Close Up

Character Process 

Before starting with the sculpting process I did some preparations in order to get all in place. I gather some references so I can follow them and understand more about the functionality of each element presented in the concept art. Also, with the the help of the reference board I prepared, I had a much clear picture of how my textures should look. Searching also what kind of material were used for cloths or even metal in medieval times helped me a lot in the texturing process. 

After getting the references I started with the body, once the anatomy of the body were correct, I began the making of the cloth. For that part I used Marvellous Designer to do the pants fold and the skirt of my character. Basically my process was doing the garment on Marvelous, then retopology in Maya and then move all to Zbrush for extra details. Since I didn't have a lot of cloth in my character I used Marvelous for getting only the wrinkles simulation. Some of the props I modeled in Maya as for example the axe, the sword blade and also did some modifications to the shoulder pad.

Once the cloth and elements of the character were done, I did the blob sculpt of the hair and beard to have a clear idea of them.

For the small details like the axe symbols and also the shoulder pad patterns I did my own alphas and textures. I used Illustrator to create them, in order to use those as textures in Zbrush. There is this option in the Masking tab were you can select Mask by color. Once you have the mask generated according with the texture you did, later you can pull the geometry and have the effect you want to have in your props. I used this method  for the axe and shoulder pad.

UVs and Topology

Once I finished with the high poly in Zbrush I did the retopology and the UVs in Maya. Here my goal was to optimize my model in order to have enough poly so it could be acceptable for game engines. In total I got 204k tris for this character and for the Uvs I decided to divide  them by materials and by props. 


For the texturing process I used Substance Painter. Using the references of the images I got, my objective was to replicate the materials like linen for the pants and also bandages in the hands, leather for the shoulder pads and also for the belts. To add some realism to the materials, specially to the cloth elements, I used opacity.
In order to add some extra storytelling to the character, I decided to use blood, dirt and also fight wounds in some parts in my character.
To add some breakups and also to add more details, specially to the leather, I did some Detail Normal Maps that I use later in the Shading process in Marmoset. 

Once I finished with texturing, I exported all the textures from Substance Painter and did the Shading process in Marmoset for the final renders. 

Finally, I would like to add that even the technical difficulties that I had in my intermediate term, I could learn and also have fun doing this character. Furthermore, I would like to thank my friends  and supervisor Alex Sizov for their support and teaching during the term. 

Concept Art

The original concept was done by Grafit Studio for the game "Kings of the Realm"

Setting Sail

This character was my first project at Think Tank Training Center. The main goal was to make it as close as possible to the original concept. I ended up pretty close, but with some differences here and there. I gave to some props extra information because I wanted to give them extra storytelling, like the books and the paint cans for example.

Clay Render



First I setted the camera in the right position so I could start with the process of blockout. Once I finish doing this, the next step was modeling and sculpting where I put my attention on the main character and the little details like the elements inside the concept art.

The grooming process was a challenge since she has braids, but I learned and enjoyed a lot doing the hair in Xgen.

For the texturing process, I used Substance Painter to recreate the textures and make them a little bit more realistic. I also used Illustrator to create my own alphas for the books and symbols. For the Shading part, I used Maya Vray to do the render part.

Concept Comparison 

The original concept art was made by Alke A. 

Special thanks to my friends and to the supervisor Mieszko Lacinski


I would like to express my gratitude to all of you for checking my work. I have learned a lot since I started this path at Think Tank Training Center. I would love to add my Advance term project too but still need to keep working on it. 

I want to give my most cordial gratitude to my supervisors Mieszko ŁacińskiAlex Sisov and Lucas Silva for their support and for all their teachings. It was an honor to have you as supervisors. Thanks a lot.

Furthermore, I really want to thanks all the people who were there for me, helping me facing my problems, keep me pushing me to do what I love, specially to my favourite person in this world who is my girlfriend, who no matter what, was there with me giving me all her time and comprehension and more than anything her love. Thanks to you honey (balanguesita) for your presence, for even when you were tired of work, you were there given me your time and also pushing me to keep following my dreams. I really love you; I do! and I can not thank you enough. Also, I would like to thanks my family and my friends who were there too given me their kind hand to keep following my goals and dreams.

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