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King of the Ship

King of the Ship

by benjaminde, fabs2000, maw, and nicolaslongeval on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A 4 player, couch co-op game where the goal is to be the last person alive on a pirate ship.

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In King of the Ship, you play as one of 4 cartoony-animal-pirates where your goal is to knock every other player off the ship until you are the only one left alive. Shoot, Dash, get power-ups and avoid hazards to become the one and only "King of the Ship"!  You can download the game in our page:

Below you can see the concepts for the look of the characters and the general style of the game, including a final example of a finished character. 

From starting with a simple deck of planks and 4 players that can shoot each other to a complete ship in water with props around it, you can see the progress of development below. 

Various props were created, in the image below, are all the props used to make the assets made for the game. 

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