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Long Kui - Yum Yum Slayer
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Long Kui - Yum Yum Slayer

Hemant Kunj
by Yona on 1 Jun 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

Here I am sharing my latest project that I worked on for the last 4 months at Think Tank Online with my awesome Mentor Claudio Tumiati. This is my take on an illustration of Su Ke's OC Long Kui from his project Suanni. I have been obsessed with this piece for a long time. So much that I decided to make a whole charac

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Like any project, you have to start with a proper pureref board to guide you through the way. That was even more important for me because I head to concept and create the lower part of the illustration.

After collecting reference it was time to block out the character in 3d and test if it would even work. I kept her posed right away as I wanted to have properly simulated clothes later in marvelous. 

After the initial blockout, it was time to start to refine each piece and give it proper topology. I pushed her proportions more before I went into marvelous designer. 

Lots of concepting and trying to nail a face and get an idea for the headdress. 

For all my hardsurface and topology lovers. The belt for my character was first modelled inside of zbrush and then brought into maya for retopology!

After the first polishing pass it was time to give everything more life with adding secondary shapes. Making the creature look fleshier and the clothes more worn. 

Keep in mind that I have been doing test renders on the face throughout sculpting, to see if it would even works. I UV'd the body and applied a face scan with Wrap3d. Using the diffuse and displacement map to do my quick renders.

Before immediately moving to texturing, I tried my model with basic shaders. 

Since my concept barely shows anything about her clothing it was time again to research and find patterns, textures and color combination.

For the balls.. candy.. coconut.. we are still not sure what she is eating, we decided to make an outer and inner shell. Giving the outer one some transmission and the inner one some emission around the pattern. To give the object less transmission on faces with a gracing angle. By using a sampler info node and applying the "Facing Ratio" to a ramp and applying it to the transmission. In my case I added my opacity map out of substance painter on top to give those cracked edges less transmission. 

As I was 80% done with my textures, I moved on to grooming as I needed the whole picture now to judge my piece. My groom was done in xgen and I used my previously layed out mesh hair as template for my guides. Using them I was able to quick get  a first pass on the groom. 

Now that all the pieces are coming together. It is time to setup everything together. Think about lighting and have a little fun. It is such a great feeling when all the pieces you having been working come together and surprise you with the result!

Beauty - Albedo - Specular

Thank you for reading this far :)

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