We Went Back

We Went Back

by Arash Tadjiki, Branden Craghead, Cameron Brotzman, Caughey Zachery, Danny Diaz, Emilee Choate, Jacob Nielsen, John Davies, Lis Moberly, Mit Doshi, Pinak Jalan, Rohan Patel, Ryan Milford, Sourabh Hamigi, Victor Lopez, Zachary Gainer, and deadthreadgames on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

We Went Back is a time-looping horror game in which you wake up in an abandoned space station utterly alone. The exit door is locked and you must find a way to escape what lurks within. Find clues, experience dynamically changing environments and confront terror in order to find a way out.

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We Went Back is a time-looping horror game in which you find clues and experience a dynamically changing space station to escape the terror lurking within. The small, circular space we developed for our players pushed us to develop systems to support that goal. 

Where most horror games rely on mechanics such as stealth, running away, or combat, our game’s design sought to find a new way to compel players to embrace the genre.  The first impulse players have is to panic and attempt to hide, find a weapon, or run away. However, all three of these behaviors fail to advance the game. Ultimately, the player must choose to walk towards the lurking figure and embrace their fears.

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