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Bedtime Breakout

Bedtime Breakout

The goal of this project was to create a couch co-op game with fun as the main factor. The game was completed over the course of 10 weeks by 5 students of which 2 programmers and 3 artists.

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In Bedtime Breakout you play as 4 siblings who are up passed  bedtime and decide it would be fun to play a game of tag together.
One more thing : you have the power to control your visibility, but be sure you don't forget where you are.

These are the two rooms for each game mode in our game. For the style of the game we were heavily inspired by 3D animated movies like Toy Story and  The Incredibles.

Some beauty shots displaying the coziness and style of our environment.

In the video below you can see one round of our capture gamemode, the tagger needs to have his siblings tagged in the crib when the time runs out, the other players can try to free their captured sibling(s) 

A prop showcase that shows off all those nice and stylized shapes.

We only used gradients maps for all the props and characters, and added 3 unique textures for the walls. 

Meet the four siblings, they are all dressed up in cute onesies. 

Moving the slider you can see the progress  we went through with one room , from prototyping to polishing.

For the lighting of the room we really wanted to give the idea that the sun is setting and you have to go to bed soon. So we made a sped up version of a day and night cycle. When it is dark some lights get turned on to make it all look more cozy.

This is our control overview, the game is played with console controllers.  if you want to play our game go over to our page to find the file there. You can download it for free.

You can also see our entire development log from prototyping to polishing over there,  it maps all the steps we took to get the game to where it is today.

Who did what?

Amber: environment and UI
Mugur: characters and particles
Christina: animations, blueprints and UI
Matthieu: Blueprint interoperability, secondary mechanics, bug-fixing
Sebastien: Base player systems, game modes, player feedback

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