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Jamie Callow
by Gabriel Woolnough, jamiecallow, teeteegone, and vilteben on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Uplink is a game cinematic rendered in Unreal Engine, following an engineer and his mechanical companion on their mission through a derelict settlement on Titan. Together, the duo face off against an oncoming swarm of killer drones at bay.

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Core Team:

Jamie Callow  -  Environment & Prop Art / Lighting / Cinematography / Editing

Laith Shewayish  -  Concept Art / Character Art / Rigging

Gabriel Woolnough  -  Character Art / Weapon Art / UI / Concept Art

Vilte Bendziute  -  Animation Lead

Thomas Siney  -  Technical Art / FX

Gameplay Snippet

Ganymede & Drone Assets

Engineer Asset

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