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Li Weng KIM - Concept Art 2024

Li Weng KIM - Concept Art 2024

Li-Weng Kim
by liweng on 31 May 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

Hey ! My name is Li Weng and I'm a graduating student from New3dge Concept Art. Here's a collection of projects I had the opportunity to work on during the past year. Hope you'll like it !

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BlodHart is my graduation project for my final year at New3dge Concept Art.

It is an original worldbuilding project, inspired by folklore and tales like the legend of 
Saint-Georges and The Dragon or Dracula. The goal of this project is to adapt and imagine worldbuilding elements, such as characters and creatures for a video game.

Gehd, a knight-errant, ventures in the forlorn kingdom of Kremesin. 
There, the king of these lands sends him on a quest to rescue his daughter from the grasp of Lazarin, a malevolent being, and slay the Evil for good.
The story takes place in a dark fantasy world with a gothic flair to it, magic fills the air and creatures roam the lands.

LAZARIN - "The Heartless"

Lazarin is said to be the first Blod Goth, a race of ancient beings who dedicated their lives to the ways of blood magic and rituals. 
Legends tell of a man whose suffering was such, that he decided to pierce his own heart, killing  the humanity within.
Once a year, he claims one female human as tribute and devours her heart.

He was designed to be an hypothetical final boss. I was inspired by gothic influences and vampire aesthetics, the goal here was to create an iconic and stylish design that that would play with pre-established visual archetypes.

Here I tried to give some context to the the Blod Goth race, I imagined what kind of objects and artifacts could play a part in their culture. And how these would translate into a video game context.


On the verge of defeat, Lazarin would thrust his blade in his chest, manifesting his true shape, enacting the second phase of the battle.

The goal was to make these two forms echo themselves and to keep consistency between them. I wanted to play with emotional contrast and show the "two sides" of one character, if his human form appears grim and morose, the dragon would show a more passionate and erratic side of his personality.
Thinking of this creature as a character rather than a mindless creature and playing with elements like gothic architecture and gargoyles was key to achieving this design.

Designing a dragon that wasn't "déjà-vu" was definitely the most challenging task of the project !

GEHD - "The Valiant"

Ged is a knight-errant, running away from his past. He wanders the realms in search of redemption and Sainthood.
He was sent to slay Lazarin and rescue Savra, the King's daughter, believing absolution will be granted to him by doing so.

I was trying to suggest that he went through hardships, that there was more beneath his shiny armor and gleaming weapon.

SAVRA - "The Untouched"

The King's only daughter.
Educated and selfless, she was raised without a mother, who died in labour.
Fearing that she would one day be taken as tribute, her father surrounded her with Goth masters since childhood, protecting her of any possible harm.

But fate could not be defied and The Hearteater came to claim her...

I would like to thank Pedro Kruger for his guidance and support throughout this project !

Here is my contribution to Icali, one of the yearly project at New3dge.
The story revolves around Tlahuicole, an Aztec warrior who was resurrected by the Sun god Tonatiuh and granted divine powers.

I was tasked to design The Ocelotl, an enemy that Tlahuicole (the player) would encounter during his adventures. I also did a splash art, illustrating celestial creatures that are under the control of Tezcatlipoca, the Night god.

Here are the links to the project :

And to wrap up this entry, here's a few concept works I've done during my time at school.

I would like to give my very special thanks to all the people I've met during these two years. The teachers I've had the chance to meet, my friends who supported me and Aurélien Fournier for this amazing opportunity to learn at New3dge Concept Art.

Thank you for tagging along, hope you liked my entry !

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