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Resident Evil 3 : Confessions

Resident Evil 3 : Confessions

Jasmine Allan
by Alice Hughes, Arestina Volungėvičiūtė, Caitlin Gingell, Evrim Smithers, George Morris, James McCaig, Joe Frost, Kieran Wilson, Matt Humphrey, Milano Dulguime, Richard Hicks, and jasmineallan on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

As part of our second year project at Escape Studios, we were tasked with creating a Resident Evil 3 themed DLC based in London. Our 12 person team created RE3:Confessions in 15 weeks.

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London 2004,  St.Bartholomew's Church. Late at night Kayn a special OPS agent was assigned to a case to rescue civilians after a distress call. When he arrived however, there was no sign of the priest who had summoned him, just mad scribbles on pages torn from the bible and a strange growth engulfing the church. 

Our environment was based on St Bartholomew's the great church in London. the above shows our transition from photo references to concept art, blockout stages and then the finished scene. 

The Team:

Jasmine Allan - Producer, Prop Artist, Technical Artist

Arestina Volungėvičiūtė - Art Director, Environment Artist

Matt Humphrey - Lead Material Artist, Prop Artist

Joe Frost - Environment Artist, Prop Artist, Material Artist

James McCaig - Environment Artist

Kieran Wilson - Environment Artist

George Morris - Lighting Artist, Prop Artist

Milano Dulguime - Prop Artist, Material Artist

Alice Hughes - Prop Artist

Richard Hicks - Prop Artist

Evrim Smithers - Concept Artist, Lead Foliage Artist

Caitlin Gingell - Foliage Artist

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