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AUTOcracy | Stealth Game

AUTOcracy | Stealth Game

Anthony Motto
by Joshua Smith , Mitchell Lyons , anthonymotto, louisstelfox, musa, and slimills on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

AUTOcracy is a stealth game set in a dystopian future. Sneak, hack and translocate your way through a guarded museum filled with appropriated cultural artefacts. This project was developed by a team of Hertfordshire University students.

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The Environments

The game consists of three main environments types: The Underpass, Atrium/Reception and the Exhibition Rooms. Each environment type offers different gameplay opportunities.

                                                                         Underpass/Sewers = Justin Mills

                                                                               Justin Mills Environment Entry 

                                                                         Atrium/Reception = Louis Stelfox

                                                                              Louis Stelfox Environment Entry

                                                       Exhibition Rooms/Corridors/Vents  = Anthony Motto

                                                                            Anthony Motto Environment Entry

The Atrium & Reception

The Reception and Atrium are heavily guarded by robots and requires the player to sneak around not getting spotted. The player hacks into the information terminals in the Reception room to get the data needed to find the artefact. The Atrium serves as a grand and opulent place, filled with water and contains the final artefact, serving as the climax for our trailer.

All Materials above were made in Substance Designer by Louis Stelfox

The Underpass

The Underpass is a safer zone from robot guards since its outside the Museum and is used by the player to break into the Museum. The Underpass focuses on platforming with rising water and puzzle elements with fuse boxes and electricity.

The Exhibition Rooms 

The Exhibition rooms are full of Artefacts, the Museum has multiple exhibitions such as the ‘Empires’ exhibit, ‘Technology in Motion’ and ‘War of Ages’. This is where the hand gameplay in the vents and under the floorboards takes place and where the artefacts can be found. 

With Autocracy we wanted to create a large sense of scale with our environments, making the museum feel grand and huge like an archive of information. To achieve this, we made our own modular kits and created multiple trim sheets to texture our environments. With this project we really wanted to push the verticality in our environments, creating multi layered levels. This was also a gameplay decision, since we wanted traversing the level to be interesting and fun.  

For the wallpaper I experimented with a new scanning technique. These scans were made by taking multiple pictures on a tripod with different lighting scenarios to bring out all the small details in the materials. The finished scan materials were processed in Substance Designer. I scanned leather, carpet and wallpaper for my environments.


The player can use the hand to traverse through the vents to get to new locations, although the player is vulnerable as they can be found while using the hand remotely/

The Museum Design

For more in depth info about the game and our development view our Pre Production Document 

The Characters

                                                                        Protagonist & Hand = Musa Binboga

                                                                              Robot Guard = Joshua Smith

The Protagonist 

The Protagonist is a hacker and has a robotic arm and can detach his robotic hand and control it remotely to traverse the environment in unique ways, through vents and floorboards to get to new rooms and escape from robot guards.

The Hand

The Player can remove his robotic hand and operate it remotely. This time is limited however by the battery life. The player can teleport both from and too the hand, we call this the Translocation system.

Robot Guards

The Artefacts

All Photogrammetry - Anthony Motto


World War II

PPSh-41 & Norton 16H motorbike Joshua Smith

Focke Wulf 190 Plane - Justin Mills


The Museum and cabinets harness Maglev Technology, which allow objects to hover and be moved, while creating a barrier to protect the artifacts. 


Soyuz CapsuleLouis Stelfox

Environment Breakdowns 


Mitchell Lyons – Tech Art (Blueprints)

Core Team:

Anthony Motto – Environment (Exhibition Rooms) & Photogrammetry, Editing

Mitchell Lyons – Tech Art (Blueprints), Rigging & Animation

Louis Stelfox – Environment (Atrium & Reception) & Tech Artefacts

Justin Mills – Environment (Underpass) & WWII Artefacts

Musa Binboga – Character Artist (Main Character)

Joshua Smith – Character Artist (Robot) & WWII Motorbike


Harry Steele & Jamie Petersen – Soundtrack

Wilson Yeung – Foley

Thomas Siney – Real Time FX

Lisa Blackwell – Props

Bethany Fox – Prop (AKAT-1 Analogue Computer)

Aritz Sanchez Fuertes – Prop

Laith Shewayish – Prop

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