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Anthony Motto | Environment & Photogrammetry

Anthony Motto | Environment & Photogrammetry

Anthony Motto
by anthonymotto on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hey! I'm a final year student at the University of Hertfordshire. Here's my work from this year. I love using photogrammetry since its such a powerful tool and has so many applications. I am really interested in the recent the convergence of VFX & Film with Real Time Games Engines.

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Autocracy Environment - Exhibition Room [UE4]

On AUTOcracy I took on the exhibition rooms and corridors for our Museum environment. I was also responsible for all the photogrammetry used in the project, for many of the artefacts and statues featured in the game.   

The cloth banners featured above were done by Louis Stelfox, all other models featured were made by myself.

I made a trim sheet to be used for most of the texturing in my environment 

For the wallpaper I experimented with a new scanning technique. These scans were made by taking multiple pictures on a tripod with different lighting scenarios to bring out all the small details in the materials. The finished scan materials were processed in Substance Designer. I scanned leather, carpet and wallpaper for my environments.

I designed the vents and made the modular kit, so that we could achieve multiple different combinations with ease for our game.

I made a cable kit and used splines in Unreal to achieve the look in the vents below.

Sony A6000 Camera [UE4]

The aims for this project was to refine my hard surface modeling skills and to recreate my A6000 camera and accessories, being low poly enough for games but still retaining enough geo for the model to hold up when close up.

The A6000 is the camera I use for all my photography and photogrammetry. I also incorporated some of my own photography into the presentation of the piece.

Aztec Stylized Door [UE4]

This was an Environment piece for Ginko, a stylized 3D platformer. The door and the braziers use one trim sheet and the trim sheet was designed to be used through out the level.

This piece helped me to refine my trim sheet technique

Photogrammetry For Real Time

This year I have refined my photogrammetry techniques by visiting lots of museums and scanning ancient statues and arefacts.  These Artefacts are used in our game project AUTOcracy.

This Post box is another photogrammetry scan I did and cleaned up to become a  artefact in our Museum, that feature in the telecommunications exhibit. Since AUTOcaracy is set in the future, having more modern day items in the Museum helps to give the Museum a futuristic feel.   

Large Scale Photogrammetry

Large scale exterior scan. I did this project to test my skills and workflow, to see how effective my photogrammetry scanning technique I have developed on larger scale objects, like buildings.

This also features in AUTOcracy as a lower res small scale church Diorama model

Kitchen Interior Scan 

I did this interior scan of this kitchen studio as a challenge for a student VFX project Fusspot. The scan geo was used to cast realistic shadows correctly for successful CG character integration. 

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