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Turri Wakcha

Turri Wakcha

Build your way to victory! Can you build a higher tower than your friends? Turri Wakcha is a 2-4 player pvp game where the goal is to score the most points by building as high a tower as you can.

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Prove your skills and become Clan Leader of the Inca folk. A top down pvp game that you can enjoy with 2 to 4 players. Build your tribute to the sun god but make sure that the other players don't surpass you. Destroy/Throw or break down their constructions to become the superior leader. 
On our itch.io page you can download the game and check out our development process. 

The game takes place on an island floating in the sky. Here the players will be running around, building towers, and making sure that the other players don't make a tower as high as yours.

The 4 different player characters all have the same base model, but they can be easily recognized by the color of their robes and the unique mask that they are wearing.

To keep things interesting when you are building your tower, there won't all be the same block. There is 1 base block, and then there is 4 special blocks, each with their own effect when used on either your own tower or maybe even an opposing player's.

From left to right: Normal, Funky , Golden , Rainbow , and Explosive block

We have decorated the level with numerous props, all in the same cartoon style.

Turri Wakcha is at its core a very simple game. It can be very easily picked up and you don't need to know a lot of controls to start playing.

The following images are screenshots made during gameplay.

Turri Wakcha was made by a group of 5 students over the course of 10 weeks.

Annelien Heyninck - Artist
Nikolas Gärtling - Artist
Ines Leipold - Artist

Sven Machon - Programmer
Patipan Pongjun - Programmer

If you're interested in trying out Turri Wakcha you can download it here!

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