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3D Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are a way to communicate with the viewer, and add depth to a story. Together with music and effective copy, they can give us a message. We use them to create ads, title sequences for movies, videos and to share information.

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On behalf of the sponsors and judges, The Rookies would like to congratulate the following caetgory winners.


Doug Alberts


United States | Ringling College of Art and Design

I realized I wanted to work in the creative field at a young age. Something in it clicked for me and everything I made didn't feel like work. It was play. I remember watching the Nickelodeon bumpers that said, "Now Back to the Show." I admired how they had amazing animation and design. These bumpers made me ask how is that done? and how do I do that? Now, I have the amazing opportunity to do what I love every day. You can find me with a cup of fresh coffee and jamming out on some keyframes.

Runner Up

Daniel Whitaker


United States | Savannah College of Art and Design

I started my college career studying architecture but felt that something was missing. I would always attend huge electronic music festivals like Ultra, EDC, etc. and gaze up at the screens in awe. Eventually, I put two and two together and decided that I wanted to explore the field of animating and designing for a digital canvas. This moment occurred about two years ago, since then I have been focusing 100% of my time developing my skills and refining my craft.

People's Choice

Diana Verba


United Kingdom | University of Hertfordshire

I have always been passionate about art. Since my early childhood I have been participating in numerous art exhibitions and contests. However, at University I started to apply my passion in 2D animation and one year ago I opened to myself the universe of 3D motion graphics.

Honorable Mentions

The following winners made a lasting impression on the judging panel and secured highly sort after Excellence Awards and Draft Selection badges.

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tomobeddie (Draft Selection) View Entry
marceloameneses (Draft Selection) View Entry
galindofish (Draft Selection) View Entry
akshya123abc (Draft Selection) View Entry

Category Brief

For this category, the judges want to see example that include a strong 3D component to the graphics. The brief is open which means you could use motion design to help tell a story, sell a product or just share a tv or film title sequence. It’s up to you.

Important Notes

  • Combine all your best work into one single entry. Multiple entries with individual projects will not be reviewed.
  • The judges don’t want to only see simple text animations. These are great, but they are looking for motion design which includes 3D elements and footage.
  • A great tip is to make sure you include the original brief you challenged yourself with. The way you approach and solve the brief is just as important as the finished video.
  • Motion design is a fairly hazy term that overlaps with animation, graphic design and filmmaking. If you want to work as a motion designer, share your work here.
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